You Me And The Sitter – S40:E2 featuring Hime Marie,Spencer Bradley and Will Pounder


Will Pounder and his wifey Spencer Bradley have a work engagement that will keep them away from home overnight. They bring in Hime Marie, their regular nanny, to keep an eye on things around the palace. Spencer has her suspicions that Hime and Will have been boning behind her back, but no proof. Besides, Will and Hime have agreed to stop and they do their best to keep things on the level while they’re interacting at the house.Once she’s alone, Hime determines to enjoy herself by reaming herself out on the bed and jerking. She remembers too late that Will and Spencer have recently installed security cameras. Hime considers stopping, but the idea of masturbating in front of one of those cameras and hoping that Will observes what she’s doing is such a turnon that she can’t fight back!Spencer watches what’s going on first-ever, but she only tells Will that there are maneuverability alerts. When Will pulls the alert up, he knows he has to go help Hime out. He tells Spencer that he’s going to go get them some gulps, then jets. Spencer is no loser, so when Will heads back to the building, she ensues him.Will arrives highly first and ambles in on Hime in the midst of getting herself off. Will doesn’t even need to ask permission to join Hime. Shortly enough, he has his jaws on her tits and hard puffies. In comeback, Hime buries to her knees and releases Will’s hardon. She’s just getting embarked deepthroating that uber-cute spunk-pump when Spencer walks on in.Will and Hime don’t hear Spencer at first, but they’re definitely surpsied as hell when she commences speaking to them. It turns out that Spencer has had the hots for Hime as a possible 3some accomplice for quite a while, and this is all part of her plan to make it happen. She gets down on her knees beside Hime and tells her sitter that she’ll display her how it’s done.Next thing Will knows, he has his wife and his side lump taking turns deepthroating his meatpipe. The dolls share so adorably. They take turns loving on the peak and gargling Will’s ballsack, which just ratchets their shared lust higher and higher.When Spencer relocates to the bed and spreads her hips, Hime is instantaneously blessed to get down and embark lapping away at her lubricious cunny. The posture leaves Hime gaping for Will to love her. He embarks with a vag munching that caresses Hime’s bulls eye, then gets up and slides his trunk inside so that he’s plowing Hime in rear end as Hime silences her bellows in Spencer’s cunt.Spencer gets to enjoy her husband’s hardon next as Will takes a seat on the bed. Spencer climbs on top of him and sits astride his drill stick for a switch roles cowgirl ride. Meantime, Hime remains on her mitts and knees so that she can do whatever it takes to dual down on her lovers’ sheer pleasure, whether it involves eating Spencer’s bud or sucking Will’s scrotum. Hime gets the next ride as she mounts Will in cowgirl. The pose lets her skinny forth to shove her titties into Will’s face. On her knees beside them, Spencer ensues in Hime’s footsteps, guaranteeing that her spouse and the childminder can get off thru whatever means necessary.Things get a tiny bit acrobatic as Spencer rests her shoulders on the sofa with one leg hooked over Will’s shoulder as he once again settles between her hips. Will doesn’t mind supporting some of Spencer’s weight as he penetrates away at that prettily hairless fuckbox. Meantime, Hime starts off observing the married duo nail while jacking. When that’s not quite the fulfillment she hankers, Hime climbs on top of Spencer to sit on her face and ride that endowed tongue until she can’t contain her wails of sheer pleasure.The three keeps that stance up until Spencer and Hime have both reached the ultimate satisfaction. Will is at his violating point, so Hime climbs off of Spencer and scoots down her body. Opening wide, she guides Will’s stiffy towards her open hatch so she can catch his finishing pop in her impatient hatch. Coated in jism from her facial, Hime snowballs what she caught in her gullet with Spencer so they can both enjoy Will’s salty treat.

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