While You Observe – S39:E7 featuring Bella Rico and Raul Costa


Seeing pornography and masturbating is one of Bella Rico’s fave hobbies when she thinks she’s alone. Today she has turned on one of her favorite sequences with Amira Adara and she’s ready to have some joy. Gradually peeling off her robe and then her bra and g-string, Bella feels herself up as some red-hot foreplay. Then she settles down on the bed to diddle her thirsty muff while she matches the rhythm Amira is setting on the screen.What Bella doesn’t know is that her boyfriend, Raul Costa, has come home early and caught her in the activity. Bella is embarrassed by her quit when she realizes Raul has been observing her. Then she sees the full salute in Raul’s trousers and all her other thoughts go right out the window. She accepts Raul’s smooch and then gets him to take a seat on the couch so she can love herself gargling him off in an enthusiastic ORAL JOB!Raul isn’t about to let Bella have all the fun. He gets her on her back and relieves himself inbetween her hips. Although Bella is super-cute and moist to accommodate his weenie inside her right away, Raul is all about make-out. He flicks his tongue out to tease Bella’s enjoy button and then lodges in for a snatch feast that leaves Bella moaning and writhing with pent up need.By the time Raul gets to his soles and guides himself into Bella’s velvet mitten, she’s sopping with her need. He glides home lightly, going nuts deep as Bella urges him on with her wails. The pornography keeps toying in the background as Raul gives it to Bella with lengthy, firm strokes.The couple spoons next so they can both enjoy observing Amira as they screw. At first-ever, Raul keeps the pace delicious and mind-blowing. Finally, though, he picks it up to indeed drive himself home. Releasing, he finger plows Bella until she gushes in a big O.Next, Raul sits on the couch while Bella climbs on top. Sinking back down onto Raul’s stiffie, Bella starts rocking her thighs to go for a ride. She bounces away cheerfully as her giant udders juggle in her primal tempo. Then she turns around so that Raul can make out with her as she resumes to ride him. Raul gets manage back of their orgy when Bella shifts onto her arms and knees and invites him to give it to her from behind. Who wouldn’t take that doggystyle invitation? Raul keeps Bella’s soiree going until she erupts. Then Bella gets on her palms and knees so she can stroke Raul off until he delivers a phat jizm shot right into her jaws and all over her grinning face.

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