What You Wished – S9:E7 featuring Janice Griffith and Ryan Driller


Wearing just a juicy white camisole and sheer stockings, Janice Griffith lets herself into her man Ryan Driller’s apartment. Finding him sleeping, she climbs atop him and wakes him up in the sweetest way possible Ryan is instantly sexually aroused and anxious to take up his chick’s invitation, turning her over and pressing 2 thumbs deep into her cock-squeezing cooch while he smooches her senseless on the bed. Unbearably revved on, Janice peels off her cami and crawls down her bf’s bod so that she can wrap her torrid lips around his rod and give him the blow-job she has been longing since watching him asleep on the bed. Ryan wants in on the fun, too, so he sways his lady’s hips around to munch her out in a exquisite Sixty nine.Rising to her knees, Janice takes a moment to love the pleasure of her boy’s face buried deep in her coochie. Then she lies down on the couch and spreads her gams so that Ryan line up the head of his stud meat and thrust himself deep into the fever of her vag and pump his hips in a satisfying pace.Switching things up, Janice climbs on top of Ryan’s meatpipe and glides down reverse cowgirl fashion. Her hips shimmy in a torturing dance as she luvs the feel of fellow sausage pushed deep inside. The lovers take turns directing their romp, with Ryan periodically pumping his thighs and Janice at times doing all the work so that her boobs bounce.As Janice gets close to her climax, her man sends her flying over the brink with his endowed fingers touching her clit in a massage that brings her to rapture. The couple isn’t done yet, however; after providing her a moment to recover, Ryan turns Janice onto her forearms and knees and drives back into her throbbing cooch.Her sheath is saluting and scorching and still pulsating with the pleasure of her first ejaculation as she haunts her second climax. Moments after achieving her second peek of heaven, the raven-haired beauty takes care of her guy by taking his beef whistle between her lips and jacking a mouth-watering climax from him that lands in her impatient waiting hatch.

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