Two Vulvas One Manhood – S34:E25 featuring Mary Rock,Ricky Rascal and Stacy Cruz


Loving a douche together, Mary Rock and Stacy Cruz get both frolic and private. Inbetween flinging water at each other and helping one another soap up their bosoms and cunts, the dolls are evidently prepared to enjoy themselves. They continue their flirtation as they get dressed in just the skimpiest of outfits, donning brassieres and panties as they go to the guest room where Ricky Rascal awaits them.Climbing into couch with Ricky, Mary and Stacy flank him with kisses. He lets his forearms stroll loosely, savoring the heft of the girls’ mounds while he relieves them of their boulder-holders. Laying Ricky down on the couch, Mary and Stacy loosen Ricky of his trunks. Once his hardon cums free-for-all, Ricky gets to love a double oral enjoyment from two warm numbers leaned on his sheer pleasure.Since Ricky is already in a prone posture, the chicks decide to take advantage. Mary gets to enjoy the first ride as she glides down on Ricky’s hard-on. As soon as she sees to Mary’s comfort, Stacy settles on Ricky’s facehole so that he can celebrate on her cream-colored fuckbox. Working together, the nymphs ride Ricky with utter quit as they each chase their first-ever climax of the day.Stacy ultimately gets her turn with the D as Ricky and Mary lay her down in the sofa. She raises one of her hips, opening herself for Ricky as Mary guides him into Stacy’s tight cunny. Once Ricky is punctured in her acquaintance, Mary does whatever she can to enlarge Stacy’s delight. She touches Stacy’s breasts, globs kisses on her lips, whatever it takes for Stacy to get off. As shortly as Stacy has lost herself in her ejaculation, Mary takes her place.Ricky once again finds himself laying on the sofa with both damsels riding him, this time with Stacy on his beefstick and Mary on his face. Mary finally winds up on her knees with Ricky buried inside for a doggy-style gash nailing. As Mary rolls onto her back, Stacy sucks Ricky off until he’s on the brink of jizzing. When Ricky is well-prepped to deepthroat his stream, Stacy aims his hardon so that he nut all over Mary’s pecs to adorn her in his love.

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