Two Sweethearts – S21:E13 featuring Dan,Lady D and Paula


Decked out in high stilettos, a thong, and a boulder-holder, Woman D. checks herself out in the mirror to make sure she’s looking warm for her threesome with Paula and Dan. The mischievous couple can’t wait to bring in a third person for their delight, so when Gal struts throughout the guest room to join them they’re all smirks in anticipation.Dan is successful to be in the middle as both gals flank him and commence using their palms and lips for his pleasure. His pants are briefly pulled down, unveiling his firm jizz-shotgun that Paula and Damsel are happy to share. They take turns, each of them sampling their handle while Dan gets nastier and hornier. Leaving Girl to proceed inhaling Dan off, Paula moves so that she is placed above Dan’s face with her landing unclothe fuckbox in effortless position to be gobbled. Dan is a tormentor of munching his gf out, and he is blessed to go to work with his gifted tongue while his big-titted lover yells her approval from above.It’s not long before Nymph finds herself in the middle with Paula’s sensitized puss near her mouth and Dan’s phat arms petting her backside. He puts in the work with his jaws to make sure that Girl is nice and moist, but when Gal begins finger drilling Paula Dan rises up and slips his hard-on deep into her saucy cunny. The three gets swift and mad, with Dan railing Dame hard and Female giving as superb as she gets to Paula.Next Paula finds herself in the middle, laying on her back with Dan going to town fuckin’ her plump cootchie until her thick mounds shake. Paula isn’t about to leave Woman waiting for her turn; she uses her magic frigs and wise tongue to cram and plow Chick’s muff so that all three can enjoy the ultimate enjoyment. Going for a stiffie ride is the next order of biz for Paula, who impatiently leaps onto her beau’s chisel and commences working her hips. Woman enjoys herself by enhancing Paula’s and Dan’s enjoyment with gentle tongues of her tongue, and she keeps herself heated up when her palm slips inbetween her gams to delicately rub her clitoris.Lady gets to love Dan’s attention one last time as she once again goes back to work with her tongue lapping at Paula’s gash. The threeway may be winding down, but they’re not about to leave Dan hanging without a ejaculation of his own. He keeps working Doll’s puss until he’s right on the verge of spunking, and then lets out so that Paula can wank him off all over Girl’s monstrous pecs and tummy for an explosive finish.

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