Touch And Tease – S25:E20 featuring Damon Dice and Katya Rodriguez


Katya Rodriguez and her bf Damon Dice cuddle together on the couch and spoil in sweet but sensual make-out. Damon can’t keep his hands off Katya’s petite boobs, and the exotic coed makes it clear that she enjoys him putting his arms wherever he wants. When he reaches down to touch her bud through her sheer panties, Katya squeals her approval and does some massaging of her own to find Damon’s hardon.Laying Katya down on the couch, Damon smooches his way up her internal thigh and laps at her beaver above her undies. Pulling the fabric aside, he resumes using his tongue and thumbs to tantalize the gentle skin he finds underneath. Once he settles in for a full on coochie eating, he leaves Katya to play with her ample nips and perky jugs as he does all the work feasting on her white-hot juice and prodding his frigs deep into her jism thirsty puss.Pulling out Damon’s hardon with her sensitized forearms, Katya leans forward on her mitts and knees to lap at the head of his meatpipe. She loves what she tastes, so she keeps on going. As Katya deepthroats and milks in an ecstatic deep throat, Damon’s palm reaches around her bod to find the heart of her so that he can continue taunting her with her frigs.Both of them are ready to take it to the next level when Katya lays back on the bed with her hips open up. Damon steps into the cradle of Katya’s legs and slips into her sweet shell, shoving home until he is seated nut deep inwards her. Elevating her leg, Katya encourages Damon to go as deep as he can with each long stroke of his skinny hips.Taking his own seat on the sofa, Damon lies back and pulls Katya on top of him. She doesn’t hesitate to drown down onto his dildo. Taking him deep in her white-hot honeypot, she rocks her hips in lengthy slow strokes that get her wailing her excitement. As she speeds up, she stretches her hips so Damon can reach down to paw her nub and work her towards an explosive ejaculation.Katya’s next stance is on her mitts and knees as Damon delivers a decent twat porking from behind. Taking it doggie with her hair being pulled and Damon’s hand around her neck is an absolute stimulant for this Latina babe. As she rockets off to gusto town once again, she takes Damon with her. He shoves as deep as he can and erupts in Katya’s twat, packing her with a creampie of jism that leaves her sneering and satiated.

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