The Wag Of Things – S32:E29 featuring Alyssia Kent,Matt Denae and Vanna Bardot


Alyssia Kent and Vanna Bardot bare both decked out in underwear boulder-holders and g-strings as they wait for Matt Denae to notice them. The damsels tire of their game of I Spy, so they strut downstairs in their high heels and make Matt pay attention. With two super hot numbers standing over him, Matt doesn’t need much wooing to put his phone down and pay attention.Dropping to their knees, the ladies lash out Matt’s firm schlong and take turns deep throating. While Vanna is taking her turn, Alyssia helps get her girlfriend’s hair out of the way. When they exchange spots, Vanna comes back the favor for Alyssia. Working together, they get Matt’s motor revved up and prepared to shag.Taking advantage of Matt’s hardon, the femmes peel off most of their undergarments and then flank him, one on each side. Prodding him down on the bed, they arrange it so that Vanna is riding his fake penis while Alyssia plants her slit on his face. Moving back on the sofa, Alyssia opens up her hips so Vanna can eat her out while continuing to rail Matt’s stiffie.Swapping catches sight of, Vanna takes a roll on Alyssia’s gullet as she lays on her back. Meantime, Matt gets to his knees and elevates one of Alyssia’s gams so it rests on his shoulder. That opens her up adorably so he can glide on in to her tight, dripping muff. The stance also means that Vanna and Matt can swap smooches over the top of Alyssia’s body as they each ride a separate part of her.Turning Alyssia onto her side, Matt sidles up behind her to reenter her for some spooning fuck-fest. Meantime, Vanna gets on all fours between Alyssia’s thighs so she can use her hands and gullet to make magic for both of her counterparts, enjoying on Matt’s nut sack and teasing Alyssia’s pearl. Since Vanna is on her knees with her face inbetween Alyssia’s hips anyway, Matt takes the opportunity to relocate behind the red-haired and pound her doggy-style.The 3 changes things up as Vanna jumps onto Matt’s faux-cock so he can submerge right in to her landing unclothe beaver. Alyssia puts her hands to work guaranteeing her girlfriend’s delectation When Vanna has eventually stopped squealing her elation, she jumps off of Matt’s stiffy and goes back to her stomach in front of him alongside Alyssa. There, the two damsels put their forearms and gullets together to get Matt off until he rewards them each with mouthfuls of jizz.

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