The Flawless Bounty – S23:E11 featuring Damon Dice and Jillian Janson


Damon Dice has gotten his gf a gift, and Jillian Janson can’t wait to watch what it is! She takes her time in opening the cell, first-ever stopping to give long smooches to Damon as he hoists her micro-skirt to sense her ass. When she eventually unbuttons the bow and raises the lid, she is greeted by a humungous dildo, which is just what she has always wanted!Jillian is certainly interested in trying out her fresh fucktoy right away. As Damon watches, she eats the peak while fumbling her own cunt over her undies. When she pulls her undergarments to the side to rub her landing strip honeypot with the pound stick and then slips it deep into her hungry cooter, Damon can’t help but join in on the fun. Arching forward, he smooches and paws as Jillian’s wrist works overtime driving the plaything in and out.Taking over for Jillian, Damon mildly claims manage of the plaything. He gives her plenty to enjoy, notably as he reaches up to gargle on her diamond hard nips at the same time. Pulling the plaything out, he lets Jillian slurp it tidy while he samples her juice right from the source and slides his thumbs deep into her slick passage.Jillian doesn’t want Damon to think that she likes his gift finer than she loves him, so she is quick to get on her mitts and knees and inhale him off, too. Her pointy lips are sensitized and her tongue is like a glove as they glide and glide over him. Damon could let his scorching girlfriend go on forever, but he knows that they both want something a lil’ more hardcore to indeed get off.Laying back on the bed, Jillian opens up her legs to welcome Damon between her thighs. She positions him ideally so that he taunts her big cooch, and then urges him to come inwards. The pose lets her reach down to knead her own jewel as he pokes her with the lengthy sure milks that she loves, but when he finds another gear and embarks poking away in overtime, Jillian just hooks one leg above her shoulder and suspends on for the ride until she shoots a geyser with a gush of splooging elation.Knowing that Jillian is satiated but not pleased, Damon heads right back to work. He predominates her lusty vagina, especially when Jillian spins onto her side and urges him to spoon behind her. The new stance lets him drive in even deeper so that his scrotum are briefly spanking Jillian’s culo with every stroke. The fresh angle of invasion hits every one of Jillian’s buttons, leaving her squealing her rapture.Their rabid coupling continues when Jillian gets up on her forearms and knees and urges Damon to slide into her from behind. Loving every moment of his knob deep inwards of her, Jillian moves her hips in time with her bf’s so that their mixed masturbates are rock-hard and prompt. Her hooters swing in the air with their nasty rail, with things only slowing down as Jillian cums again.Following Jillian down, Damon makes sure that she has eked every ounce of sensation from their softcore fuck-fest. Only then does he pull out, taking purpose and adorning Jillian’s rump with his jizz. As she likes the post coital blessing, Jillian retrieves her pummel stick and shovels it into her saucy cootchie for one final obese of enlivenment while deep throating the last of Damon’s ball butter from his hardon.

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