Taste My Rainbow – S31:E3 featuring Gianna Dior and Lucas Adorn


Decked out in a green top and a leather micro-skirt that slightly frosts her bum, Gianna Dior comes home with a St. Patrick’s Day surprise: a six-pack of beer to split with Lucas Adorn. She finds a surprise of her own when a trail of golden coins leads her to a note that says she should come find her rainbow. The coins lead Gianna to a pot of purpose in the guest room, where she is also greeted by Lucas who is dressed in rainbow cut-offs and nothing else.Kissing Gianna from behind, Lucas works her out of her shirt and then hikes her micro-skirt up around her waist. She leans forth as he rolls her thong down. That’s all the preparation Lucas needs to drown his face in Gianna’s backside and commence feasting on her dribbling vulva. Gianna can’t get enough of the way Lucas’s tongue studies her crevice and masturbates her snatch. She leans even further forth, letting her thighs bounce in time to Lucas’s questing throat.Taking a break to peel off all her clothes, Lucas bends Gianna forward again and gets to his soles. He positions his hardon at her hole and then drowns plums deep into her saluting fever. Prodding his thighs, he gets Gianna bellowing as he gives her the cunny banging she covets from behind.Flipping Gianna over gives Lucas enjoys on her scrupulously with his gullet. From Gianna’s neck down her globes and belly, Lucas blazes a trail of super hot smooches. Arching in close, he once again puts his mouth to work suckling Gianna’s mayo packed pussy and jewel until her thighs are jiggling with the need to be poked once again. Lucas is glad to oblige, packing and screwing Gianna just the way she luvs it. Reaching out, he wraps his ample forearms around Gianna’s neck as they go at it for a little bit of breath play. Then they curl up together on their side as Lucas continues thrusting into that jizz-shotgun thirsty labia until Gianna is on the brim of jizzing. She gets up to ride his faux penis to bring herself home, then hops off Lucas’s chisel and deepthroats him off until he crams her gullet with a shot of hot jizz.

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