Take Me – S26:E8 featuring Damon Dice and Gina Valentina


Damon Dice is busy on the computer when Gina Valentina joins him at the table. She pulls down the straps of her dress to witness if that attracts his attention. When that doesn’t work, she pulls up her skirt to jiggle her bottom. Ultimately, she resorts to rubbin’ her arm up and down Damon’s hip with her top around her waistline.Giving Gina his total attention is effortless when his red-hot Latina paramour is practically throwing herself at him. Damon gives each of her udders the attention the puny titties deserve with his tongue and hands before sliding his hand down her abdomen to lodge inbetween her thighs. Peeling her sundress off altogether, Damon turns Gina around so he can get down on all fours behind her and smooch her rump and bunghole. Reaching up, he kneads his thumb up and down her hairless poon to spread her gash fluid everywhere.Swinging onto a tabouret, Gina gawps down the line of her assets as Damon resumes to work magic with his gifted tongue. Gina’s mushy moans of sensation cram the guest room as Damon patiently inspects every nook and cranny of her cootchie with his tongue. Then she climbs off the chair and kneels before her boyfriend so she can return the favor of deep jaws sex with a blowage blowjob that has plenty of tonguing and deepthroating.Rising to her soles and turning around so she can skinny over the chair that has been the source of so much delectation for her, Gina gasps with rapture as Damon humps her from behind. His good-sized rod packs her smallish coochie right up, and every stroke senses nicer than the last as he pumps his hips. Rising slowly to her feet with Damon still submerged inwards her, Gina closes her eyes as ecstasy rolls through her whole assets.Turning around in Damon’s mitts, Gina wraps her hands around his neck and her thighs around his mid-body. The new posture gives a shallower angle of invasion that beats Gina’s sweet spot just right. Working together, they each contribute to helping Gina bounce away on Damon’s faux penis as the maintain torrid eye contact.Falling rearwards until her bottom strikes the stool one last time, Gina bends her hips to accommodate Damon’s continued work for both of their sensation. His ravage stick is rapid to bring her off yet again. Following Gina to paradise, Damon releases at the last moment so she can guide his fellow sausage to pour his jizm all over her shaven mound.

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