Sweeter – S32:E23 featuring Renato and Veronica Leal


It’s the sweetest sort of playtime for Veronica Leal and Renato as they pamper in an afternoon in couch with a cup of strawberries and juices and very few clothes. Renato makes his intentions clear as he glazes Veronica’s lower lip in the splooge. When he finds her ultra-cute and willing, he moves on to cover her nipples and tummy in the fleshy handle. Kissing and slurping his way down Veronica’s assets leads Renato to the heart of her delectation. He glides her g-string off her long gams, then settles in for a fine time as he indulges in a appetizing and sensual slit munching. Using his magical tongue to tantalize Veronica, he plays her like his own individual tool as she holds his head in just the right spot to urge him to keep going.When Renato has brought Veronica to a heat pitch of wish, he curls up behind her and hoists one of her hips high to open her totally, Then he guides himself in, sliding lightly into her hungry folds. Mansion up with slow faps designed to maximize both of their delectation, Renato ultimately picks up the tempo until Veronica is squealing with unspoiled blessing.Climbing off Renato’s beef whistle, Veronica takes a few moments to fellate and munch her own cream off of her fave fucktoy. She goes above and beyond a cleanup job, worshiping Renato’s fake penis with her mitts and throat in a oral BJ that leaves no doubt about her dream. Arching forth, she fumbles the head of Renato’s hardon against the cuteness of her puffies before mounting him so she can ride him like her own personal steed.Turning around on the bed, Veronica remains on her knees as Renato comes up behind her and slips home into her slimy poon. She’s all smiles as he anchors his forearms on her bottom and heads back to work. As his wanks speed up, Veronica rocks back to meet each and every shove so they create their own primal pace.On her back, Veronica hoists one thigh to welcome Renato home once again. This position lets Renato admire the way Veronica’s generous boobies bounce with each maneuverability of her certified teenage bod. The private eye contact that they are able to maintain really doubles down on each of their gusto, heightening the flame that burns between them.The pair culminates their lust as Veronica mounts Renato in rcg. Her mitt slips to her bud as she gropes herself off in time to her crazy ride. As she reaches the apex of her enjoyment, Veronica’s pulsating cooch walls milk Renato’s orgasm right out of him. Pleased with her ejaculation and her splendid inward popshot, Veronica leans back to prize Renato for his efforts with a deep smooch.

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