Stealing The Display – S28:E28 featuring Darcia Lee and Nick Ross


Nick Ross can’t take his eyes off the television set and his teenie girlfriend Darcia Lee has had enough. Strutting into the guest room clothed in nothing but a sheer jacket and formfitting pnaties, Darcia takes a seat on the bed and stretches her legs before going to work. Her hands are stiff and knowing as they pop her knockers from the jacket and fumble her good-sized knockers. Once her nipples are nice and firm, she turns around to showcase off the way the thong presses against her rosy drill hole.Once she is assured she has all of Nick’s attention, Darcia continues the display by running her thumbs in slow circles around the crotch of her panties. Rising to her soles while she shrugs off the jacket, she brings herself closer to Nick so he can do what he will with her. He is quick to draw her close with his ample palms so he can sink his face between her titties before slurping and fellating each nipple to hardness one at a time. Letting his forearms slip lower, he feels the heat emanating from her gash even through the fabric of her thong.Turning Darcia around, Nick slides her undergarments down so he can perceive the smooth skin of her hips and backside. That gigantic bum calls to him, but not as much as the glistening space inbetween her hips. He takes a few moments to pamper once again in the heft of Darcia’s gigantic funbags, then turns her around so he can dive in to the musky dampness of her pussy.Nick’s cootchie tonguing briefly has the sumptuous Latina coed tossing her bead back and filling the guest room with her wails. She slips her palm down her figure, letting her frigs rub through Nick’s hair as he eats her out. Her fragile gropes guide his tongue and mushy lips, letting him know exactly where Darcia needs his attention the most to reach a orgasm of astounding proportions.Now that she’s been temporarily satiated, Darcia is glad to help Nick start the gradual climb towards his own orgasm. She lays him down on the sofa, then unzips his denim so his stiffie can spring free. She slurps his salami lovingly before lodging on wrapping her perky lips around the head of his penis. Her palm masturbates as her gullet moves, creating a perfect storm of wanking and absorption. Pulling back a lil’ bit, Dacia touches the tip of Nick’s knob against her bra-stuffers, luxuriating in the perceive of silk-covered steel against her mild melons. One smooch afterwards, Darcia has slipped her cooch down to hover over Nick’s rip up stick and has pressed down until she’s completely punctured. He sits up as she rails him, adjusting his pose so that he can adorn her juggling cleavage with his meaty arms and wring the delicate milk cans with each thrust of her hips. Her bare puss throbs with sexual tension as she disengages from Nick’s fondle and bends forth, changing up the angle just so until her rapture spews through her greedy assets.Arranging herself on her forearms and knees, Darcia invites Nick inwards once again. He glides nuts deep, cramming her as he fulfills her need for a hasty and furious coupling. Step by step lifting her pecs until her back hits Nick’s pecs, Darcia luxuriates in the lush satisfaction of her boyfriend’s giant dinky shovel deep inwards.Darcia isn’t quite prepared to surrender after her ejaculation, so she spins onto her back and uses her arms to keep her hips as far apart as they can go. Continuing to play stud isn’t even a question for Nick, who boinks his love to a final coochie pleasuring climax. Pulling out of her warmth, he takes advantage of the sheath Darcia has created for his gusto to love a melon bang until he frosts her bumpers in cum.

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