Spice Things Up – S36:E8 featuring Nick Ross and Sabrina Spice


Sabrina Spice is allegedly visiting Nick Ross for a game of pool, but with the cock-squeezing teenager clad to the nines it’s firm for Nick to keep his mitts off her. He comes up behind her under the pretense of helping her line up her shot, but as he polishes his wood against Sabrina’s backside the crazy nubile knows what Nick is truly after. She turns in his mitts to deliver a burning kiss that lets him know she’s interested in taking things further.Slipping his palms around Sabrina’s slim assets, Nick forearms her caboose as he hoists her skirt. He also pushes the top of her dress down so he can sense the warmth of her tiny globes. Once she has been unsheathed on the top and bottom, Sabrina drowns down to a crouch where she can easily pop Nick’s hardon out to gargle and stroke. Her SUCKY-SUCKY is as jummy and sumptuous as she is!When Nick helps Sabrina out of her dress and onto the pool table, he is greeted by the enjoyment of her pierced bean. Sabrina’s prettily shaved vag kittles Nick’s nose as he arches in to sample her wetness. He could keep on munching that cunt out all day, but the attraction of burying ballsack deep into that running in rivulets heat is more than he can hunk. Gliding all the way inside, Nick gives Sabrina all of the D.Rolling onto her stomach with one foot anchoring her on the ground, Sabrina shovels her donk in the air as an invitation. Nick is happy to give her exactly what she wants, delivering a proper vagina porking. Within moments, Sabrina is screaming her sheer pleasure at the deep delight that Nick’s pecker is bringing her. While she has reached her peak on the pool table, there’s still so much to inspect as they relocate to the room.Curling up on her back on the bed, Sabrina brings her knees up to her shoulders to open herself completely for Nick to dive deep inside once again. His thrusts are so deep that she can’t hold her posture for long. Ultimately her legs come apart, leaving Sabrina holding her ankles as she watches Nick dominate her lil nubile figure.Nick can dive deeper than ever when Sabrina gets onto her hands and knees for a doggystyle beaver plumbing. Anchoring his arms on that donk, Nick heads to work to sate both of their needs. He pulls her torso up until Sabrina’s back beats Nick’s pecs, changing up the angle of penetration for an even more mouth-watering sheer pleasure.Taking a turn on his back, Nick pulls Sabrina on top of him. She slips down easily onto Nick’s big stiffie, taking a moment to enjoy being totally punctured before she crushes off a lusty ride that leaves her screaming and boneless. Now that Sabrina has been accurately loved, the curly haired ultra-cutie gives as good as she got fapping Nick off until he gives her the jizm shot she’s been jonesing for.

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