Something About Mary – S34:E2 featuring Mary Rock and Renato


Mary Rock is so fine in underpants and a hooter-sling as she does some morning calisthenics. Her lengthy hair flows behind her back, framing her supah lean body as she stretches to get the blood flowing. Renato watches as she completes up, waiting patiently for Mary to come continue her morning exercise with something a lil more sexual. Crawling onto the day couch, Mary gives Renato exactly what he’s been waiting for.She commences with a smooch and then works her way lower. Pulling Renato’s cut-offs down, Mary springs his erection free. Wanking him with both forearms at once, she marvels at the length as she lodges on her belly. Working leisurely but steadily, she deep-throats Renato’s balls and then moves in for a bj blowjob.Renato takes the chance to peel Mary out of her boulder-holder and then glide his forearm down the front of her underpants for a preview of delectation to come. When he finds her adorable and moist, he lays her down on the daybed and gets her nude so he can dive deep with his magical tongue. Eating away at Mary’s clitoris, he slips 2 frigs all the way inwards to preparation her for his ample firm beef whistle.When Renato eventually enters her, Mary can’t help her sigh of fulfillment. She keeps her gams out of the way to open herself super-cute and broad for his attention. He gives her everything she hankers, even reaching down to fumble Mary’s clittie with his thumb as he takes her. Her squeals reach a warmth pitch, which is Renato’s sign to switch postures.Cuddling close behind Mary, Renato spoons with her until she elevates a leg to let him come on in. Renato reacts by pumping his thighs in a voluptuous rhythm while reaching forward to wrap his mitt around Mary’s neck and pull her close. Capturing Mary’s lips, Renato keeps it up for both of their delight. Spinning so that Renato is on his back, Mary climbs on top to ride his hardon. Leaning forward is a more private position, but arching backwards is a position of energy. Mary prefers bending back and letting Renato ripple his hips in time to the tempo she sets.On her mitts and knees, Mary bends against a cushion and rocks backwards as Renato takes her from the rear. Her can’t keep his hands in one place. Instead, they wander up to Mary’s petite mounds, cupping them and pressing his arm to her rock hard nipples. He keeps on smashing until Mary erupts with her enthusiasm.Taking Mary’s place on the bed, Renato crosses his mitts behind his head and witnesses as Mary takes his hardon in palm and bends forth with her facehole open. She tongues and milks, bringing Renato right to the verge of his control. He cums underneath her touch, giving her a dirt to lap up.

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