Simply Divine – S28:E12 featuring Anie Darling and Nick Ross


Wonderful in a miniskirt dress and high high-heeled slippers, Anie Darling exposes her sheer sensuality as she commences feeling herself up while reading a romance novel. Her palm sneaks underneath her brief miniskirt to stroke her gash over her panties. When Nick Ross snoops his girlfriend wanking thru the window, he takes the chance to sneak in and surprise her in the act. Taking a seat on the couch, Nick captures Anie’s lips with his own while he lets her know with his meaty hand gliding into her panties that he’s glad to take care of her instead of letting her fly solo.The puny coed is impatient to take her boyfriend up on his unspoken offer, elevating her hips into his rub as he faps her with slow but hard movements. Her breath catches, coming quicker as Nick lodges into a steaming tempo. As her first ejaculation crashes over her, Anie responds by climbing onto her palms and knees to pull Nick’s hardon from his trousers so she can commence deep throating and building him up to a pleasure that rivals the one she just expert. As Anie works her facehole, Nick uses his gifted hands to relieve her of her clothes and to fumble her puss to keep her lovely and moist for him.Pulling Anie forward until she hovers above him with one gam on either side of his hips, Nick delicately exerts pressure to thrust her down. Anie is blessed to hold Nick’s manhood in place as she impales herself. Giving several experimental rocks of her thighs, she soon settles into a mutually enjoyable tempo that has her puny bumpers bouncing in Nick’s face.Turning around to get a honeypot pleasing angle of intrusion, Anie resumes her stiffie rail with faster, stiffer milks. Nick’s arms on her hips are all the guidance she needs as she works her enjoy and herself towards the ever-enticing pinnacle of delectation. As shortly as she perceives her fuckbox vibrating with the strength of another climax, Anie climbs off and gets on her mitts and knees to let Nick call the shots for a while as he boinks her doggy-style from behind.Rolling onto her back with one gam restricted out of the way by its stance on the couch, Anie hums her pleasure as Nick bends in to submerge his face in the musky gusto of her poon. His tongue is delightfully endowed, but Anie doesn’t want her final orgasm to be courtesy of Nick’s facehole! Instead, she pulls him up so he can glide into her and drill her to a blissful release. Nick follows her over, drowning himself to the hilt as he crams Anie with a creampie of jizm.

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