Showstopper – S17:E3 featuring Belle Claire and Richy


Big-boobed Belle Claire isn’t timid about her intentions for Richy when she struts into the room dressed in just a lacy hooter-sling and underpants. In just several moments she has peeled off her bra and pressed her arms to her knockers so that she can juggle the mighty bra-stuffers and have fun with her rock hard nips.Richy can’t turn away from Belle’s invitation. Peeling her out of her underpants, he lays her down on the bed and parts her hips so that he can press his facehole and tongue to her smooth fuckbox. Finding her raw and prepared, he gets his fingers in on the activity to help heighten Belle’s elation.Eager to come back the favor, Belle switches places with Richy so that she can deepthroat him off like a Hoover. She puts her hands and smirking hatch to work gulping and milking. The moment she believes that Richy is firm enough, she climbs onto his lap and slips down, impaling herself on his hard lollipop and setting her thighs moving in a pace that gets her jugs bouncing and her assets quivering with awakening.When they transition to from the rear, Belle can’t contain her excitement. Even before Richy is pushed into her cunt to the fullest, Belle is already pumping back and forward to enlarge the friction she hankers. By the time Richy is ultimately setting the rhythm that she wants, Belle can’t keep from bellowing, especially as she reaches forth to rub her delight button and sends herself flying over the verge of ecstasy.Richy still has some mileage left in him, so Belle is happy to let him try to give her a second obese of orgasms. Turning onto her back, she parts her hips and salutes him as he shovels home. His thrusts hammer just the right spot to thrust all of Belle’s buttons, and soon she is once again gagging as bliss overcomes her.Now that Richy has sated his lady, he is free to take his own delectation. Extracting, he allows Belle to cradle him with her gams while working him with her talented arms until he pours out all over her funbags and chest in a douche of fidelity and love.

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