Shoot Your Shot – S38:E2 featuring Mia Trejsi and Stanley Johnson


Ultra-cute Mia Trejsi is looking superb enough to bang in a poor lil mini skirt and a flog top that hugs her full jugs. She has challenged Stanley Johnson to a game of pool that gives her pile opportunities to display that donk at him. When Stanley bends in to help Mia line up her shot, she polishes her bottom right up into his shaft. Perceiving that it’s adorable and rock-hard, Mia abandons her game to budge on to sexier pursuits.Pulling Stanley’s schlong out to have fun with decently, Mia buries to her knees. She draws her lover’s faux-cock close as she bj’s his musk and then opens broad to begin deep-throating. Lapping her way up and down Stanley’s hardon, she makes sure that he’s cute and rock hard, the nicer to delectation her with.Mia gets to her feet and bends over the side of the pool table. She hums with gusto as Stanley studies the excellent curves her bod and opens her up to his fumble. Then she leaps onto the table and stretches herself gaping for Stanley to rub his hardon up and down her dewy pussy before he slides all the way home.Fucking Mia on the pool table is a fine embarking point, but Stanly and Mia both know they want to attempt out multiple postures. Mia gets back on her soles and puts one knee on the table to thrust her arse high in the air. That’s the ideal height for Stanley to indeed give it to her in a vag shagging that leads him to slink his forearm up to Mia’s neck and really dominate her from behind.Taking a seat on a stool, Stanley puts his hands back and holds on for the rail as Mia lives out all her lusty wishes. She embarks by straddling him and slipping down until she is punctured on his phat faux-cock. Riding Stanley’s hardon in cowgirl is one thing, but the real deep delectation happens when she turns around for a rcg ride that hits all the right spots.When Mia is finally pleased with her own conclude, she leaps back onto the pool table. When Stanley gets to his soles, she can easily inhale him off from her final stance. That lets Stanley thin forth to wring Mia’s sugary booty. When he’s ready to pop, he releases to give Mia a facial that runs in rivulets everywhere to leave her spunk frosted and so highly satiated.

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