She Likes The Hustle – S36:E28 featuring Jake Adams and Winter Jade


Winter Jade is prepared for the shower as she gawps at herself in the bathroom mirror. She drops the towel and starts running her arms up her assets to bowl her stiff joy bags. Glancing down, she snoops a wallet that has been left behind on her douche counter. Winter’s getting off takes on a entire fresh level of gusto as she reminisces about the night before and the wallet’s owner.Jake Adams agreed to go on a meeting with Winter the prior night even though he had a girlfriend. He escorted Winter home and tries to leave it with a smooch and an explanation. Winter makes it clear that she’s not interested in a bf and doesn’t care about Jake’s girlfriend. She just wants the D and he’s going to give it to her.Palming Jake’s hardon, Winter points out that he’s already impatient for her. She pulls up her tee-shirt to demonstrate her udders, then tugs her skirt high and places Jake’s forearm at the juncture inbetween her hips. Burying to her knees, Winter takes Jake’s spear out and begins inhaling. His throat protests, but his figure says hell yes as Winter deepthroats him off.Eventually Jake surrenders to Winter’s fantasy. They relocate to the apartment, where Winter lays down on the bed and spreads herself out like a buffet for Jake. He leans in to sample her testicle tonic with the tip of his tongue. Getting his frigs in on the action, Jake ravages deep into Winter’s muff to give her the pussy frigging she hungers. When Winter shifts onto her belly, Jake proceeds to go deep, this time with his talented tongue.Since Winter is already face down, Jake tugs her arse up so he can glide on home with his meaty knob. Winding his hand in Winter’s hair, Jake gives it to her. Winter’s shrieks of enlargening enjoyment are all the permission he needs to keep picking up the pace until Winter’s eyes are spinning back in her head.Pushing Jake onto his back, Winter leaps on for a stiffie ride. She embarks by rubbing her cascading slit up and down on Jake’s shag stick. Then she glides home. Her landing unwrap cootchie is soon pulsing with sheer pleasure as she enjoys herself to the max.Rolling onto the sofa, Winter elevates one leg high so that Jake can reenter her. He takes her up on her spectacular offer, using his hardon to leave her groaning in gusto. When Winter has eventually gotten her crushes, she puts those super-steamy puffy lips to work blowing the cum right of Jake’s jizz-shotgun for a salty complete.

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