Sharing My Gf – S37:E6 featuring Jenny Wild,Mona Blue and Stanley Johnson


Stanley Johnson has a gorgeous surprise for his gf, Jenny Mischievous. He tells Jenny to put on a robe and lay down in sofa. Blinded, Jenny waits for Stanley to comeback. Her hands sneak to her rigid, puffy puffies and then lower to her naked honeypot, which is already humid and impatient for her surprise.Stanley eventually comes back to the room with Mona Blue, his surprise. Decked out in some delicious lingerie, Mona is a super-cute and anxious participant. They both settle on the bed, with Stanley giving Jenny saucy kisses as Mona lodges inbetween Jenny’s thighs. After a languorous snatch tonguing, Mona crawls up Jenny’s body to eliminate Jenny’s sleep mask as Stanley places Jenny’s palm on his rock-hard bone to let her watch how steamy and bothered he is at the girly-girl flash.Now that the sleep mask has been removed, Jenny is free to participate in the action. The women thrust Stanley down and unwind him of his trousers. Then they settle between his thighs, taking their time studying his junk. Stroking, deep-throating, and groping, Mona and Jenny give Stanley a thorough double suck off and ball blowing. As she works Stanley’s weenie, Mona loses her hooter-sling and then her g-string, leaving her as deliciously naked as the others. Crawling up Stanley’s figure with Mona helping to make her every stir more voluptuous, Jenny takes the first-ever rail on Stanley’s hardon. She sinks down slowly, luving the perceiving of him packing her up right with that thick member. Leaning forth so that she is balanced against the headboard, Jenny juggles away as Mona bends down to suckle Stanley’s sack. Finally, Mona arranges herself on the headboard, which leaves her snatch at ideal slurping height for Jenny.When Jenny turns around on Stanley’s weenie and then falls to her side, Stanley heads after her down. Raising one thigh, she opens herself for Stanley to spoon with her from behind. Laying beside the couple, Mona tickles her nips and fumbles her clit in an invitation for Jenny to get their female on female soiree going. When Jenny gets the thing, she puts thumbs and tongue back to work to leave Mona groaning.Finally getting her turn to indulge in the D, Mona gets on her arms and knees with Stanley behind her. Jenny lays down in the posture Mona recently vacated, opening up her hips for Mona to lap away at her white pearly cooter. Liking her time in the middle to the fullest, Mona holds nothing back as she gives and receives sensation at the same time.The dolls disengage to deliver another tandem sucky-sucky for Stanley before they shake things up in terms of postures. With Stanley on his back in bed, Jenny takes the opportunity for another sitffie rail. This time she heads in switch roles cowgirl, liking the way Stanley’s boner strikes different spots as she rocks atop him. Mona’s hand on Jenny’s clitoris is notably titillating.Mona gets to prefer the next stance, and what she wants is to take Stanley’s knob deep inside while she’s on her back. When Stanley is submerged to the hilt, Mona pulls Jenny on top of her face. With Jenny’s fuckbox on her facehole and Stanley’s dildo giving it to her, Mona is soon choky with orgasmic bliss. Her little mewls of sheer pleasure are so nice that Jenny can’t help but jack as she wetts it all in.As shortly as the 2 gals are pleased, they lay Stanley down and go back to work on his bone. Dual teaming him, they lap and stroke from peak to ball sack. Ultimately Stanley prizes their efforts, filling their waiting mouths with a ultra-cute shot of jism. After throating Stanley’s manmeat, the ladies share a cummy kiss as their final action of lovemaking.

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