Sexual Wishes – S5:E20 featuring Angelo Godshack,Bella Baby and Violette


A heated make-out sesh inbetween black-haired Violette and blonde Bella Baby is underway when the naughty dolls are joined by their man, Angelo Godshack. Angelo is welcomed with open throats as Violette and Bella fall to their knees before him to pull his erection out of his underwear and wrap their lips around the stiff length. As Bella takes sole responsibility for gargling her dude off, Voilette smooches her way down her gal’s figure until she can sink her face in Violette’s moist cunny. The dolls readjust themselves so that Violette is laying on top of Bella with both of their gams opened up in an invitation that Angelo cannot resist. Leaning forth, he laps at their delectable cootchies, making sure to spend bunch time lovin’ on each mammary beaver. When Violette and Bella are both running in flows raw, they assume a Sixty-nine position with Violette on top with her luscious bootie restrained high for Angelo to shovel into her tight red-hot shell.Bella isn’t left out of the delight of a deep fuck, tho’. Angelo spoons Bella from behind and shovels his erection home. Violette is there as he withdraws, wrapping her sensitized lips around his beefstick and deep throating off the creamy evidence of Bella and Angelo’s coupling. Intent on finding a pose where all three can enjoy simultaneous sensation, Angelo lays on the ground so that Violette can mount his lengthy hetero salami while Bella sits astride his face at brilliant twat licking height.Bella takes her turn railing her fellow next, filling herself reverse-cowgirl fashion as Violette fondles her mischievous sensitive delectation button. The mingled strain rapidly sends Bella into a shrieking climax that leaves her will-less and satisfied.Violette takes her ultimate sheer pleasure next, getting down on all fours with her face cushioned against Bella’s bosom as her fellow romps into her from behind. As Violette’s body twitches with the rapture of her orgasm, Angelo lets out and frees his glue all over her lengthy sunburn back, leaving her running in rivulets with the evidence of his enjoy.

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