Sexual Rendezvous – S6:E11 featuring Blue Angel and Matt Denae


Loosening outside on a spunky summer afternoon, Blue Angel impatiently awaits her fellow and the pleasure she knows that he will bring her. When Matt Denae arrives, he wastes no time in drawing Blue in to a hello smooch that rapidly turns into a full-blown make out sesh. His arms roam her figure, dark against Blue’s pallid flesh as he slowly peels away her shirt to uncover her puny globes with their perky puffies.Blue can perceive her beau’s bulge pressing into her bottom thru his towel as she polishes against him, letting him know that she is as glutton for love as she is. Matt continues to take charge, leisurely falling to his knees and loosening Blue of her panties so that he can submerge his face in the wet mildness of his lover’s landing undress cunt and produce a lengthy, intense gobbling and finger-tickling.Blue is only too blessed to get down on her knees and repay the favor of blow-job fuck-fest. She begins out slowly, running her tongue along the length of Matt’s stiffy before she wraps her delicate lips around him and loses herself in providing her fellow elation. As she finishes, she fumbles the smooth head Matt’s rosy cigar against her nips and smirks up at him, pleading for more.Matt can’t wait to produce what Blue needs. He seats her in a tabouret with her gams open up wide to unsheathe the perfection of her labia so that he can slide into her cock-squeezing fuckbox as she kneads her love button. Their hook-up begins out leisurely but increases in size swifter as they both draw closer to their orgasms. As they get ready to shift positions, Blue once again takes Matt’s boner into her throat to deliver another oral and to ensure that her boy’s cock is well-lubricated to re-enter her needy smash hole. They come together again standing up with one of Blue’s legs resting on her guy’s shoulder to guarantee that she is open and accessible for him.As Blue’s knees go feeble with enjoyment, she arches over so that her dude can inject her from behind with hard boning thrusts that drive her nasty and soon send her over the edge of ecstasy.It’s unthinkable that Blue won’t help her boy accomplish when he has given her such sheer pleasure! Blue once again lodges on her knees and produces a rapid hand-job with a lil help from her torrid wet mouth. Matt soon cannot take the exquisite torment any longer. With a scream, he lets himself go inwards Blue’s waiting jaws, and then smirks as Blue bj’s him dry and lets his jism fall from her jaws onto her waiting mounds and stomach.

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