September 2020 Wish Of The Month – S1:E2 featuring Raul Costa and Veronica Leal


Veronica Leal has agreed to be interviewed about her dream. Very first she describes her regular sexual needs, which are a lil’ bit rough and uproarious. Then she shares that her dream is to be taken slow and delicious in a romantic setting by an Italian boy. Raul Costa is blessed to help Veronica live that desire out.Sharing a bouncy bath, the two exchange deep kisses as Raul pus on his most smoldering looks. He spunks some Champaign for Veronica and then urges her to lay back and unwind as he fondles her feet with the slimy bubbles. Gesticulating Veronica over, Raul takes her in his arms. Pressing her back to his chest, he glides one arm around to start working Veronica’s jewel. He gives her as long as she needs, groping away until Veronica’s yells indicate that she has enjoyed her first ejaculation.Veronica may have daydreamed about letting her Italian stud do all the work, but this chick likes the D way too much to be denied a blow-job when she comes face to face with such a great man-meat. She gets Raul to his feet so she can wrap her palm around his lollipop and stroke him as she’s deepthroating him down. After indulging for as lengthy as she wants, Veronica gets up and lets Raul take the lead once again.On her soles with Raul crouched behind her, Veronica uses the brim of the bathtub for support. Raul gets up and slides home, finding it effortless to screw Veronica’s running in rivulets poon. Once they find their pace, Veronica stands up straight and lets Raul take her heterosexual to another ejaculation.They get out of the tub after that, with Veronica laying down on the bath rug and luxuriating in its gentleness like a cat. Raul takes another taste of her appetizing musk before lifting one of Veronica’s legs over his shoulder. Cradled between Veronica’s hips, Raul pushes deep to love her fluid crammed cooch once again.Veronica enjoys it from behind, so she gets on her knees to take Raul’s penis from the rear. Slow and sustained, Raul gives it to Veronica with the deep wanks she’s craving. He keeps it up until Veronica makes it clear that she’d like to switch the rhythm by having him spin onto his back so she can mount top for a stiffie ride. When Veronica turns around for a more private ride, Raul can’t hold back another moment. He lets go and crams his redheaded paramour up with a inward cumshot. Veronica raises off Raul’s stiffie as he is still squirting, meaning that she’s jism frosted inside and out as her dream hookup comes to a close.

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