Secret Dream – S26:E21 featuring Damsel D and Larry Steel


Girl D. and Larry Steel love some quality couples time together as Larry helps Chick paint her toenails. This gives Chick the chance to demonstrate off how fine she is with her feet. Since they’re already close to Larry’s weenie, Woman uses them to taunt her bf until he’s nice and swell before fapping him with her palms.Relocating to the living apartment, Female hops on the sofa so that Larry can relief off her of her thong. He’s quick to submerge his face inbetween Girl’s cheeks, momentarily overlooking her gleaming muff so he can lap at her rosy fuckhole and prod it with a firm tongue. Rearing back on his knees, he takes his stiffie and positions it at Chick’s opening so he can glide ball sack deep into her white-hot poon and start pummeling.As they take a break to regroup, Doll climbs to a seated position and reaches out for Larry’s hardon. Drawing him close, she opens her sugary-sweet hatch and devours his wood between her perky lips. Masturbating and throating while looking up at her beau to create personal eye contact, Nymph keeps Larry super-cute and stiff for the fun to come.In comeback, Larry drops to his knees and presses the vapid of his tongue to Lady’s silky slit to exert just the right level of stress on her. He brings his palm up to press first one and then two frigs deep inside, making sure to hit her g-spot as Doll’s squeals guide him to where he needs to be. Once his thumbs are in place, Larry arches forth to lap at Girl’s fun button until her entire figure hums with sexual need.Switching catches sight of with Female so that he is sitting on the couch, Larry pulls Gal into his lap until her clean-shaved slit is placed above the head of his dick. She presses down while Larry’s hands hold her stable, impaling herself on her private steed so she can go for a stiffie rail. Her diminutive funbags wiggle and tremble as she speeds up her shovels, never stopping until she’s wiggling from the power of her ejaculation.On her back once again, Female witnesses with sated eyes as Larry lifts her ankle to his shoulder and enters her once again. His intense masturbates are just what Gal needs to love one last smallish earthquake of sheer pleasure. He lets out at as his climax becomes an inevitability, covering Lady with his cum in a douche of pure fervor.

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