Satisfy Me – S33:E30 featuring Allatra Torrid and Raul Costa


Allatra Super hot is looking good as hell in observe through underwear and mile-high high stilettos. She struts into the room where Raul Costa awaits, looking good enough to make any boy’s day. After letting Raul glance his cram, Allatra enters for a deep kiss that promises without words the deep enjoyment Raul is about to love.Kissing her way down Raul’s body, Allatra ultimately reaches Raul’s hardon. Popping it free of his pants, she wraps one hand around the root. Her perky lips open broad to engulf the peak as she starts gargling in a hot-blooded BJ that truly gets her motor running. Crawling back up Raul’s bod as her arm proceeds to stroke him off, Allatra gives him a kiss where he can taste his own musk.Raul could enjoy the feel of Allatra’s lips around his impaler all evening long, but he has other plans that must be executed. Pressing Allatra onto her back, he lays on his tummy between her hips. He glides her thong aside, then dives on in. Thumbs and tongue working in tandem, Raul leaves Allatra practically panting with carnal sheer pleasure.Unwrapping Allatra from her undergarments, Raul gets to his soles and tucks into her thirsty gash. He takes it slow and steady as Allatra slips her forearm inbetween her gams to fondle her own gusto button. Arching forth for a kiss, he pushes himself that much deeper to both of their elation. Then he hoists Allatra’s legs to switch up the angle of invasion for the ultimate deep thrust.Curling up behind Allatra, Raul spoons with her as he reenters her hot fuck hole. Allatra is anxious to get some on her side, but it’s even better when she gets Raul to sit down so she can slip down on his penis. Her trimmed gash stiffie rail is fast and mad, with her pointy orbs shivering on every juggle.Sliding off Raul’s hardon, Allatra gets back on her knees to inhale her own juices off of him. Then she crawls onto the sofa. Still on her forearms and knees, she watches over her shoulder with a sneer as Raul reenters her. He takes her as deep as she needs, keeping up the slit plowing until Allatra is gutless with enjoyment.Raul lets Allatra climb back into his lap for another ride on his lollipop. This time, she faces him so that her orbs are in his face while his mitts roam low to capture her bum. As Allatra luvs another orgasm, her pulsating poon walls milk his climax from him. He thrusts himself all the way inside and gluts her with a creampie of his gloppy love.

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