Romancing The Coochie – S21:E28 featuring Kristen Scott and Ryan Driller


Reading a romance novel on the bed is fun for Kristen Scott, but the Yankee beauty would much rather experience gusto in real life. She can’t help but reach down to fumble her landing de-robe pussy above her panty, and as she does her imagination goes into overdrive.She wishes of being approached by model torrid Ryan Driller, who surprises her in the kitchen and then takes what he wants from her. Pulling her thong down, Ryan props Kristen up on the counter and pleasures her muff with his arms before smooching his way down her assets for a beaver feast.In real life, Kristen can’t keep her forearm off her puss while the book keeps warming up. Her own fondle is nowhere near as erotic as the knead of her imaginary paramour, however. Once Ryan has scrupulously finger romped her and eaten her out, gently shovels her down onto her knees for a wet and insatiable oral delight. Kristen can practically perceive Ryan’s rock hard pecker in her facehole and pressing its way down her throat as she dreams of throating him off.Then they’re in the bedroom and Kristen is getting everything she has hoped for. Her lips slide up and down Ryan’s stiffie as she inhales to her heart’s content. When she sits astride Ryan’s manhood for a stiffie ride, her life senses like it may be conclude. Once she is totally punctured it’s no time at all before she is going for the rail that she hankers, providing her own honeypot the fucking that will make her cum.Laying down on her back, Kristen guides Ryan’s member until he has crammed her up again. He takes things slow now as a dream lover should do, making sure to hammer all the right spots to scorching Kristen up again for another chubby of zeal. In response to Kristen’s wails, Ryan heads quicker to please her every need. He even knows just when to flip her onto her mitts and knees so that she can take it from behind for the ultimate rapture.In real life, Kristen’s arms are going up and down her twat at the ideal tempo to draw out her delectation, but in her imagination she is getting a hell of a cunt drilling. It’s not long before a spooning penetrate brings her off in her imagination, which coincides with her explosive ejaculation in real life. Since she’s dreaming this up anyway, she adds in a climax for Ryan, who whips out and glazes the softness of her mound with a delightful spunk shot.

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