Romance And Roses – S27:E9 featuring Ariana Marie and Lucas Glaze


Ariana Marie lays in sofa decked out in a boulder-holder, undies, and blindfold that are all the same deep blue. Her breath enters short gasps as Lucas Glaze rubs her flesh with the petals of a rose, then leans forth to substitute the flower with his lips. Eliminating Ariana’s bra, Lucas takes the time to tenderly explore each of her tan lined jugs and smallish rock hard nips before shifting his attention lower on Ariana’s body.When Logan undresses Ariana’s underpants and slides his tongue down her vulva, her breath hitches in expectation. Lucas doesn’t let down, settling in for a smooth-shaven cootchie feast that splits his concentrate between Ariana’s delight button and slit. Winding his frigs thru Ariana’s hands, Lucas inhales her meaty folds into his gullet and applies the brilliant amount of pressure with his lips and tongue.When Lucas pulls out Ariana from her blindfold, she is ripe with sexual need and impatient to satisfy. She pushes her boyfriend down on the couch, loosening him of his briefs and taking his lengthy knob in her forearm. Fellating leisurely and steadily, she likes a languorous sucky-sucky as she gradually works her way up to deep-throating Lucas as deep as she can take him.Since deep is the name of the game on multiple levels, Ariana abandons her fellating and waves one leg over her lover’s hips to sit astride him. With Lucas’s forearm acting as a guide, Ariana slides down on his dildo and bends forward for a smooch once she’s completely punctured. Moving her slender assets in a primal rhythm, she works her hips until she can’t keep from screaming her delight.When Ariana switches catches sight of with Lucas and lays on her abdomen, she shivers with excitement at his touch on her back and bottom as he comes up behind her. Sliding into Ariana from behind, Lucas supplies lengthy faps that grope every inch of his girlfriend shape the inside out. He pauses to eat and kiss Ariana’s elastic bum before going back to work for her delectation.Flipping onto her back and opening up her hips broad to cradle Lucas at the heart of her enjoyment, Ariana closes her eyes and cries out her sheer pleasure as her vagina pulses. Lucas slips deep and rapid, hooking one hand around Ariana’s hip to bring her to one final climax. Moments afterwards, he releases and takes objective at hid lover’s cupcakes to leave her decorated in the super-hot evidence of his love.

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