Pure Dream – S29:E28 featuring Bambino and Chloe Cherry


Just back from the store, Chloe Cherry walks in with her arms utter. She has to pass Bambino, who can’t stop checking her out in her nice sundress. As the light-haired puts the groceries away, Bambino wanders into the kitchen and gets an eyeful of clean-shaven puss as Chloe’s microskirt rides up. Turning her around for a deep smooch, Bambino peels off Chloe’s dress to rub the perfection of her mounds and poon. Clipped to the wall, Chloe lets Bambino ravish her accurately for as lengthy as she wants. When she turns around, he thrusts the firmness of his swelling against her rump, letting her know sans words how turned on he truly is. Chloe isn’t about to let the chance to enjoy her boyfriend’s manhood in her hatch pass her by. Ripping off to her knees, she tugs Bambino’s jeans down to his hips and starts deep-throating.Turning around again, Chloe raises one leg so Bambino can glide all the way inwards her tight crevasse. He is slow in his intrusion and in the pushes that follow. The angle doesn’t permit for the deep elation they both crave, but when Chloe turns around to embrace Bambino as he keeps working her testicle tonic filled beaver they enjoy a proximity that cannot be surpassed.Relocating to the living guest room, Chloe once again works on her ORAL JOB abilities. When she’s sated, she climbs onto the bed on her forearms and knees and guides Bambino into her moist glove so he can take her from behind in balls-deep shoves. He towers over his small paramour, dominating her as she groans with the intensity of her orgasm.Flipping onto her back, Chloe guides Bambino’s hardon right back to her opening so he can pack her up once again. She’s an ultra-kinky paramour who demands one final orgasm before Bambino is permitted to jizm. Once he brings his light-haired sensation off, Bambino unleashes of her fever and lets her conclude him off until he glazes her in a shower of jizz.

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