Pour Me A Gulp – S36:E15 featuring Michael Fly and Venera Maxima


Verena Maxima has been eyeing Michael Fly for a while, and she has decided that tonight is the night. She brings Michael home, where she has set out 2 glasses and a bottle of champagne. Pouring the bubbly, Verena struts to the living guest room, where she gives Michael a longing sight before passing him his drink. They toast, and then a moment later Verena has set her glass down and pulled Michael in by the truss for a smooch.Leading Michael by his truss, Verena takes him to the guest room where she pulls her dress down to pop her full tits from the bodice. Her nips are already had as Michael kneels behind her and helps her peel her sundress the rest of the way down. Crawling onto the couch, Verena lets Michael unwind her of her high heels. Michael doesn’t waste any time; he takes advantage of Verena’s position by diving on in for a taste of that ample twat.Verena wants to love Michael’s faux-cock, but now that Michael has had a taste of that vulva he’s not about to stop. They compromise, with Michael getting onto the bed and pulling Verena on top of him. Arching forth, Verena wraps her mitt around the root to pull Michael’s spunk-pump in for a blow-job that ends their Sixty nine.Eventually, Verena climbs off of Michael’s face and arranges herself so she can just suck her bf without any distraction. She likes the feel of Michael’s immense wood in her hatch. As she’s inhaling, tho, Verena can’t help but wonder what it will sense like to have the D drowned inside her. She decides to find out, flapping herself on top and mounting him in switch roles cowgirl.Verena gives riding Michael her all, pushing her hips in a voluptuous pace that leaves her muff cascading wet. Falling onto her side, Verena pulls Michael close so that he can glide into her as he spoons from behind. That deep invasion beats all the right stops as Michael grabs Verena’s lips in another carnal smooch.Rolling back onto her mitts and knees, Verena observes over her shoulder as Michael settles himself behind. Anchoring his arms on Verena’s thighs, Michael glides all the way inwards. He holds nothing back, delivering a proper muff pummeling in Verena’s juices packed plumb hole.As she reaches the end of her endurance, Verena flips onto her back where she can observe as her giant knob beau gives her one last climax. As soon as her vag is pulsating with orgasmic bliss, Verena continues her deep mouth from earlier. Michael rewards Verena’s diligence by popping his flow all over her face to give her a gigantic popshot to have fun with.

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