Postcard Secrets One Last Fling – S35:E22 featuring Gianna Dior and Nathan Bronson


Lusty stunner Gianna Dior is fully in enjoy with the fiance she’s going to marry tomorrow with one significant exception: her bf is bad in bed. Since Gianna knows that she’s going to be devoted once she trusses the knot, she decides on the eve of her wedding to have one last fun fling. After careful consideration, she determines to lure Nathan Bronson, her fiance’s stepbro.Knocking on Nathan’s door, Gianna puts her plan into motion. When Nathan tells her to enter, she walks right up to him and presses a finger to his lips to keep him from conversing. Then she arches in to bowl his face inbetween her hands and produce a soft but passionate kiss. Now that Gianna has Nathan’s attention, she guides his head down to where her brief miniskirt is riding up her hips. Laying back on the sofa, she enjoys herself as her soon to be step-brother in law starts gobbling her out.Gianna isn’t fierce enough to leave Nathan wanting as he elations her. She shoves him onto his back on the sofa, then climbs on top of him. Taking his hardon in mitt, she leans forth with her mouth open and her tongue out. Slurping and gargling, she takes her time as she luvs every inch of Nathan’s fuckpole. Now that she’s seen what’s inwards those pants, Gianna can’t wait to have it inwards her. She climbs on top of Nathan’s waist and settles her landing unwrap muff on his manhood. Riding him in cowgirl is exquisite, but rcg gets her even wetter as Nathan’s schlong beats all the right catches sight of.Nathan has let Gianna do all the work so far, but he’s not about to let this warm youthfull thing go sans becoming a more busy participant. He gets Gianna onto her knees on the sofa and presses her forth so he can take her from behind. Doggy fashion isn’t something Gianna’s fiance is into, so she loves being plowed into the bed.Her final fling is coming to an end, so Gianna flips over and elevates one gam into the air to welcome Nathan back inside one last time. He gives it to her slow and steady, eking out a climax for Gianna before he reaches his own accomplish line. Gianna guides Nathan’s jizz flow onto her cooter, leaving herself adorned in his super-hot jism.

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