Photo – S34:E17 featuring Alina Lopez,Damon Dice,Emma Starletto and Jane Wilde


Damon Dice is a pro camerist who has the privilege of working with 3 wondrous models: Alina Lopez, Emma Starletto, and Jane Wilde. The gals are doing a underwear shoot, which means that Damon gets one hell of an eyeful with every photograph. When he’s got what he needs from the girls’ current outfits, Damon tells the women to switch while he leaves to transfer the pics to a firm drive.Emma, Alina, and Jane have a different idea, however. They know that today is Damon’s birthday, and they’ve decided among themselves that they’re going to give him a gift he’ll never forget. They soon discuss the plan among themselves, then strut into the next apartment where Damon is doing his thing. He protests that they should be switching, but the chicks make it clear that they have something else entirely in mind.They embark their three-lady allurement by peeling one another out of their lingerie, with Damon’s assistance of course. Then, Emma and Mary flank Damon on either side of the sofa he’s sitting on while Alina takes her posture inbetween his gams. In between kisses amongst themselves, the dolls make sure to pay plenty of attention to Damon’s rock-hard fuck-stick. Deep-throating, masturbating, and in slew of ball deepthroating, the dolls make their intentions crystal clear. Damon is no fool: instead of protesting, he glides his forearms down to cup Jane’s labia and feel how raw she is. That is just the invitation Jane needs to climb aboard Damon’s hardon and commence railing him! Meantime, Emma climbs on top of Alina to create a g/g 69 that lets them each enjoy a deep puss feast.Emma gets to enjoy a stiffie ride next as Damon comes up behind her while she’s on her palms and knees. Meanwhile, Alina gets on all fours next to Emma with Jane cuddled up beside her. As Jane observes Damon shag her mate, she finger ravages Alina. Damon isn’t about to leave Alina wanting, tho. He disengages from Emma and comes over to give it to Alina from behind as Jane and Emma each jack their own hungry cootchies.Eventually Jane gets another rail from Damon’s trunk as he gives her a taste of his doggy activity. She silences her sobs between Emma’s thighs. Alina takes a few moments more to love her own frigs, but shortly enough the trio changes things out yet again. Damon finds himself shoved down onto the ground with Emma riding his dildo and Alina railing his face. Alina bends forth as Damon slurps her out, putting her mouth in the flawless stance to munch Jane out at the same time. Damon even helps Alina out with his talented thumbs.Next up in the coochie party, the chicks link gams as they lay side by side by side on the bed. Damon glides home into Alina’s gash highly first as Alina deep-throats on Jane’s thumb. As they observe Damon screw their acquaintance, Jane and Emma grope each other’s nubs. As he brings Alina off one last time, the women make it clear that his time to jism has come. They encircle him, each contributing to his pleasure with her hatch. As they take turns gargling Damon’s penis, the super-cute dolls milk his money-shot out of him so they can love a triple facial cumshot right into their open gullets. Cuddling together, they snowball Damon’s salty surprise.

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