Or Something More – S36:E30 featuring Raul Costa,Tiffany Tatum and Veronica Leal


When Veronica Leal gets caught in bed with Tiffany Tatum by her bf, Raul Costa, the dolls are initially contrite. It’s not long before Veronica talks Tiffany into letting Raul join them in their fervor, however. When encountered with an invitation for a sizzling threeway, Raul doesn’t hesitate to join on in.Veronica and Tiffany make Raul sense cute and welcome. Very first up he gets to enjoy his girlfriend’s mammories as Tiffany gets used to the idea of adding a stud to the mmix. Then Veronica whips out Raul’s hardon to begin inhaling. She takes her time, loving on every inch of Raul’s man-meat. Finally Tiffany joins in for her own musky gusto. Their dual oral sheer pleasure gives both the femmes the opportunity to come down from their prior orgasms while priming Raul to have fun man.Hopping onto Raul’s plow stick, Veronica takes the first ride. Her naked vulva is adorable and humid as she juggles away. When she climbs off, she paws her cunt up and down on Raul’s bulge to enjoy the sensing in her snatch and against her sensation button. Then Tiffany climbs onto Raul’s rosy cigar while Veronica plops her twat on his face for a two-girl rail.Getting on her knees with Raul behind her, Veronica takes her bf back inwards for a proper coochie fuckin’. Bending forth, Veroica muffles her sobs of delight in Tiffany’s vag. Now that Veronica has again paved the way, Tiffany swaps places with her gf to let Raul bring her home.Grabbing the fucktoy that has already given the gals such gusto, Raul tugs Veronica forth. He sinks nutsack deep into her saluting fuck-hole. Then he presses the fucktoy to her jewel so that she’s getting the deep orgasmic gusto from 2 origins. As Veronica’s wails sound lengthy and loud, Tiffany climbs onto her girlfriend’s face to ride them. She even takes her turn holding the plaything as Raul keeps his thighs going.Her cunt still pulsing, Veronica turns around and pulls Tiffany on top of her so that they create a lezzie Sixty-nine. Tiffany is in the ideal posture for Raul to slide on home and give it to her. When Raul shoves deep to deliver a creampie, Veronica is there with her gullet open for the river of cum that cascades out. Tiffany turns around and munches Veronica’s face clean, then snowballs the handle with her gf to accomplish their unexpected 3some.

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