On Her Mind – S32:E30 featuring Lucy Heart and Renato


Lucy Heart loves bath time as she kneads down her immense milk cans and stiff arse with the suds. Although she likes it when she’s lubricious humid, finally it’s time to get out of the bath. Rinsing off with the handheld, she proceeds to taunt her wooly cooter with the splatter of water before she towels off and goes to the living guest room to encourage Renato to satiate her needs.Renato is a bit engaged when Lucy joins him, but it’s not lengthy before he realizes what she’s after. Originally he declines to play, but when Lucy unbuckles her bathrobe and fumbles her cunny right beside him Renato is putty in her palms. Replacing Lucy’s hand with his own, Renato draws his girlfriend close into a deep kiss. Peeling the robe off Lucy’s figure, Renato buries his face against her generous chest. Then he lays Lucy down on the sofa so he can fill his jaws with the liquid musk of her puss.When Renato has glutted himself with his coochie celebrate, Lucy takes her turn to love some sucky-sucky sensation. She pushes Renato onto his back and then jizzes his hardon out of his trunks. Taking hold of the root in her mitt, she uses her endowed tongue to tease the peak. When she would have dived in for a deeper BJ, Renato instead tugs her forward until she is riding his weenie instead of sucking it.Urging Lucy onto her mitts and knees, Renato presses into her from behind. Doggy-style gives him the opportunity to pack his mitts with her heart-shaped bum, a delectation point for both of them. Renato’s long jerks eke bellows of unspoiled sensation out of Lucy, but even after she shoots a load Renato isn’t done with her.When Lucy falls to her side, Renato follows her down to spoon behind her. Reentering her from behind, he raises one of her gams high for the ultimate penetration. Lucy takes as much as she can before giving in to the crashing nod of enjoyment that he has generated. Moments afterwards, Renato lets out and lets Lucy fap him off those last few crucial moments until he shoots a fountain his flow all over her muff.

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