Office Rumors – S23:E2 featuring Damon Dice and Jillian Janson


There have been rumors that secretary Jillian Janson is poking her chief Damon Dice, and they’re all absolutely correct. The flirty ash-blonde can’t stop inventing Damon’s red-hot figure, notably when he sends her naughty texts. It’s no surprise when he ambles in on her with her microskirt pushed up and her hands down her panties as she fantasies of him. After loving the show for a moment, he ambles over to help her out with her needs.Soon Jillian finds herself seated on the desk while Damon knees in front of her. He paws her clitoris thru her underwear, and then pulls the fabric away from her landing unclothe cooter. Once she is bared for him, he arches forth for a proper vag feast. With his tongue, fingers, and lips working together, he shortly has his willing assistant shrieking her excitement.Getting to his feet, Damon pauses to give Jillian a chance to love some mutual getting off. When she’s prepared, she postures the head of his meatpipe at the entrance to her twat and then chokes with excitement when he thrusts in. Damon’s slow faps speed up in time with the smallish sounds of need that Jillian can’t help but make at the wildness of their workplace coupling, and soon he is going all out for both of their delight.As her assets pulses with the remnants of her first ejaculation, Jillian hops to her soles and leans forth over the desk so that Damon can smack her full caboose. Then he presses into her again, going deep and leaving nothing on the table in his taking of his lusty secretary. Jillian’s medium bosoms shudder with the strength of his milks as he delivers a decent puss ripping up that merely pauses when Jillian busts her awakening everywhere.Taking their screw festival to the office tabouret, Damon sits down and then pulls Jillian on top of him. She slides down easily until she is impaled on his stiffie. Once she’s secure, she starts moving her hips in a frantic tempo while Damon wrings her mild knockers. This posture is so great for Jillian that she spews with passion once again.Damon isn’t able to hold out for lengthy after that demonstration of unspoiled zeal. Tearing off to her knees, Jillian takes care of Damon’s last few moments of need. Then she aims his hardon so that his cumshot glazes her breasts, leaving her marked forever as his.

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