Obscene Appetite – S21:E23 featuring Johnny Castle and Melissa Moore


Johnny Castle is preparing breakfast for himself and Melissa Moore after a long night of passion. Melissa appreciates the gesture, but she is definitely more interested in another plump of fun than she is in food. All it takes is for her to press her brassiere and thong-clad assets close for Johnny to abandon the meal and instead feast on her exquisite bod.Soon Johnny drops to his knees so that he can worship every inch of Melissa’s forms while working his way down to the ultimate reward of her landing disrobe vulva. Melissa isn’t one to take eagerness passively, however. She shortly finds herself crouching down so that Johnny’s hardon is flawless gargling height, which makes it easy to go to town giving a world class dt blowjob.Hopping up onto the counter, Melissa parts her long thighs so that Johnny can pull her thong to the side and glide his tongue into her gentle slit. She can’t stop bellowing as Johnny works her fun button and poon with his endowed tongue, but it’s not until he embarks working her with a finger to her clitoris that she really comes undone. When Johnny urges Melissa back onto her feet so he can replace his brainy jaws and fingers with his stiff stiffie, it’s just what the nasty brunette covets.Leaning over the kitchen counter while Johnny heads to town delivering a lusty slit screwing, Melissa helps set the pace by pumping her hips in time with her lover’s shovels. She can’t get enough of Johnny’s spear packing her tastey crevice, especially once she switches up the angle of penetration by hoisting one gam in the air while Johnny proceeds to polish into her from behind.Slowing things down temporarily, Johnny goes back to work with his supah hot wet tongue to help Melissa enjoy the ejaculation he has already given her. Then he helps Melissa up onto the counter so that he can resume his titty-bouncing nail festival. Nothing will stop these 2 from getting the sheer pleasure they crave as Johnny picks Melissa up in his arms and juggles her up and down on his spunk-pump. That’s all Melissa needs to get off for the last time.Knowing what Johnny enjoys, Melissa globs back down onto her knees and pushes her generous cupcakes together. They create the brilliant sheathe for her boy to predominate in a titty nail that continues until Johnny has splooged his load all over Melissa’s perfect-10 fun bags.

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