My Valentine – S30:E22 featuring Amira Adara and Antonio Ross


Amira Adara has a Valentine’s surprise for Antonio Ross as she comes in the bedroom dressed in nothing but some red lingerie. Antonio has a surprise of his own, much to Amira’s elation when she sees a trail of rose petals leading to the bed where she finds a rammed brute and roses. When Antonio glimpses around the corner, Amira welcomes him to sofa with a smirk and a deep kiss.Reaching down to bowl Amira’s arse is merely an appetizer for Antonio, who quickly moves on to sampling each of her hard tiny puffies. Amira isn’t about to let Antonio have all the joy with his hatch. She mildly disengages and blows a fountain Antonio’s hardon free from his jeans so she can wrap her diminutive forearm around the manmeat and draw him close to her jaws. Parting her lips, she flicks out her tongue before engulfing him in the supah hot wetness of her eager gullet.Crawling up Antonio’s body, Amira drops another sugary-sweet kiss on his lips before turning around and scooting down his chest until her fuckbox is positioned above his erection. He holds himself steady as Amira slowly glides down until she’s fully punctured. Rocking her thighs, she punches off a edible and glorious ride that ensues a primal tempo of pure gratification.Antonio didn’t get to spoil in a cooter celebrate, so when Amira climbs off his trouser snake he lays her down on the sofa and picks up where he does exactly that. He loosens her of her lingerie, then senses her fever with the forearm of his mitt before diving in. When her mayo have covered his tongue, he spoons behind her and thrusts all the way back inwards.Climbing back on top of Antonio, Amira once again packs herself up for a stiffie rail. This time, she leans back with her thighs open up. The pose lets Antonio call more of the shots as he sets the pace of their coupling. Amira guides him with her bellows and the running in flows fever of her assets.Rolling onto her mitts and knees, Amira screams with true gusto as Antonio proceeds to play man for her sensation. His forearms on her thighs anchor her in place, providing her the illusion of having a mighty body fully in charge of her delight. When she eventually flips onto her back and maintains eye contact with Antonio as he brings her to climax, it’s the brilliant Valentine’s treat. Antonio, too, takes his gusto as he gluts his lush paramour with a creampie of his scorching love to feast the romantic occasion.

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