My Muse – S22:E22 featuring Azazai and Matt Denae


After admiring the nice glance outside the mansion, Azazai takes a moment to appreciate the equally cute view that Matt Denae signifies inside the mansion. It’s not lengthy before the lovers are lip locked and luving a sample of fervor to come. Matt behaves himself at first-ever, but shortly his hands are strolling Azazais’s diminutive baps and rock hard bum.Peeling off Azazai’s t-shirt, Matt arches forward to wrap his super-hot lips around her rock-hard puffies. Azazai enjoys every moment, particularly once Matt reaches down to cup her vagina in his super-hot hand. Totally turned on, Azazai takes Matt’s forearm and leads him to the sofa so that they can begin shedding their clothes and get convenient together.Pressing his paramour back onto the bed, Matt submerges his face in her nude vagina and resumes his sucky-sucky efforts. His tongue works in overtime as his mild lips tantalize Azazai’s clit while his fingers examine her cream-colored pussy. He keeps up his efforts until Azazai mildly disengages so that she can work Matt out of his pants to come back the favor of oral hook-up with a lusty wet blowage. Her mushy groans and enticing smirk are evidence of her deep sensation as she bj’s away at her guy’s rip up stick.When Azazai climbs on top of the couch and stretches her legs, Matt knows just what his girlfriend needs. He positions his beefstick at her opening and then slips on in, taking a few experimental shoves before setting a constant rhythm. Slow and stable is just what Azazai thirsts to get things began, and the music of her gasps of gusto packs the bedroom.When she’s well-prepped for something a lil firmer, Azazai flips onto her mitts and knees and introduces her snatch for Matt to take from behind. Her elation of this deeper poking is instant and demonstrable, and Matt responds by picking up the tempo. When they mix things up again with Azazai climbing into Matt’s lap so that she can ride him like her private steed, she speeds things up even more to work herself in the direction of a immense ejaculation.Falling onto her back, Azazai welcomes Matt between her hips one last time so that he can drive her toward a 2nd ejaculation while approaching his own. He takes his time letting the pleasure build, guaranteeing Azazai’s happiness before unleashing. At the last moment, Azazai reaches out to guide Matt’s stiffie so that when he spews with zeal he frosts her tummy and diminutive melons with evidence of his love.

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