My Girlfriends Roommate – S28:E2 featuring Alexa Grace,Alex D and Ember Stone


Alex D. is waiting for his gf Ember Stone to arrive home when Ember’s roommate, Alexa Mercy, decides to take this opportunity to activity on her appeal. Strutting in dressed in just a sheer hooter-sling and thong underwear set, Alexa corners Alex on the couch and draws him in for a smooch. The pair are nearly caught by Ember when she ambles in, but Alexa manages to get away and retreat to her bedroom.As Ember and Alex converse, Alexa stands and listens while groping her pussy. Alex excuses himself to the other apartment, where Alexa impatiently gives him a smooch and droplets to her knees. Within moments she has unleashed Alex’s shag stick to inhale him with absolute fervor, even arching in to oral enjoyment his stiffie.Eventually Ember commences to wonder where her boyfriend is. She ambles in on Alexa and Alex sans either of them witnessing her. Rather than perceive anger at the double betrayal, Ember just perceives red-hot as hell at the possibility. Sure enough, when her roomy and beau spot Ember they wave her in for a warm insane threesome.Falling to her knees, Ember joins Alexa in delivering a dual sucky-sucky that has Alex shoving his hips. The trio eventually relocates to the sofa so that the gals can continue using their throats in tandem for Alex’s sheer pleasure. While Ember inhales her bf off, Alexa helps loosen her of her dress. Slipping out of her brassiere, Ember waves a gam over Alex’s lap and pushes her panty aside to slide down on his pulverize stick and take the highly first ride.Rolling onto her back on a bed still sizzling with the imprint of Alex’s bod, Alexa stretches her hips for her lover’s rod while pulling her roomie close. Muffling her cries in Ember’s shaven muff, Alexa hoists her hips in time with each of Alex’s jerks. The sandwich leaves all 3 paramours experiencing astounding sensation that is 2nd to none.Rolling onto their arms and knees so they are side by side, the chicks introduce a slit buffet for Alex’s sheer pleasure. He takes instantaneous advantage, porking into each of them in turn while rubbing the other’s booty with his enormous mitts. When Alex moves from Ember to Alexa, Ember flips onto her back to play with her own crevasse so she can masturbate while witnessing her roomie get stuffed.When Alex finds himself on his back once again, the gals each pick a part of him to rail. Ember gets Alex’s facehole, while Alexa goes to town on Alex’s hardon. As the damsels pack the room with their groans of mutual pleasure, Alex nears the end of his stamina. When Alexa and Ember both turn their attention back to tugging his manhood, Alex eventually lets liberate to give them each a facial cumshot of his steamy man-lava.

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