Morning View – S29:E15 featuring Kyle Mason and Lena Paul


Kyle Mason is enjoying a read through the newspaper while his fiancée Lena Paul makes coffee in the kitchen. This couple has been together for quite some time, but the spark of desire never wears off. The moment Kyle lays eyes on Lena’s trim and big-boobed figure, his interest is evident. When Lena leans over to display off her firm donk in its cock-squeezing miniskirt, Kyle is spurred into activity.Getting to his soles, Kyle softly turns Lena around so he can give her a saucy smooch. His hand globs to her utter chest, unbuttoning her cardigan and then cupping her globes to enjoy their heft. As he faps Lena’s puffies to rigid attention, Kyle lets his hips polish forward into Lena’s bum so she can feel the evidence of his desire. As impatient as Kyle, Lena glides her arms behind her to caress her fiance’s rock hard rod, then turns around and drops down to her knees in front of him. Kyle’s hardon springs free-for-all lightly as Lena liquidates his trousers. From there it’s easy for her to wrap her steaming lil lips around his stiffie and begin gargling.After making fast work of liquidating Lena’s remaining clothes, Kyle urges her up onto the counter for some morning delight. The hair on her mound kittles his nose as he plays his tongue over her nub. As Lena’s cries of arousal grow in volume and pitch, Kyle gets to his feet and replaces his magical jaws with the fulfilling tension of his faux penis.The couple indulges in that posture for as lengthy as it takes for Lena to reach a climax, then get more adventurous as she basks in the afterglow. Getting to her soles, Lena hoists one leg high in the air while balancing on the other as Kyle helps her remain sustained as he slips back inside. They keep it up as lengthy as they can before Lena arches forward, creating a brand fresh storm of delight as the pose encourages stress on her g-spot.Kyle rides Lena rock-hard and fast as she writhes beneath his touch. Her bod dollars with each stroke, telling sans words how deep her delight runs. It’s not long before Kyle has brought her off again, leaving her fully satiated. Returning to her knees, Lena props her funbags up to create a landing sheath for a chesty bap penetrate. He can’t hold back another moment, and Lena grins as he spews all over her buxomy torso to leave her adorned in jism and satiated.

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