Lovin’ Her – S32:E9 featuring Martin and Nancy A


Husband and wifey Martin and Nancy A. are indulging in an evening of sensuality as Martin runs his forearms down Nancy’s rigid ass and then softly spins her onto her back. He spends bunch time adoring Nancy’s small bumpers before step by step making his way down her super lean bod. When Martin arrives at her waist, Nancy hoists her legs to help him loosen her of her lingerie and unveil her sleek nude cooch.The glance and aroma of his wife’s arousal is too much for Martin to ignore, so he dips his head to dive in for a taste. In return, Nancy eagerly pulls Martin’s hardon from his robe and gets on her mitts and knees to take the apex into her hatch. She drives her head forward more on each stroke until she is deep-throating his immense faux-cock. When Martin lays down on the sofa, Nancy can deep-throat him in even deeper in a prelude for the real deal, where she sways one gam over his waist and slides down to fully impale herself.Riding Martin’s weenie with her baps pressed to his pecs is individual, but Nancy is craving rock hard and rapid. She turns around, seating herself in rcg on Martin’s stiffie. That position gives her a deeper intrusion and much more control over the speed of their sex. Getting on her arms and knees in a noiseless relinquishment of control, Nancy sees over her shoulder as Martin lines himself up to slide back inside. Their doggy-style coupling is deep and quick, with Martin anchoring his forearms on Nancy’s slim hips to help her find his rhythm. In return, Nancy shoves backwards to meet Martin stroke for stroke. Flipping onto her back, she lets him hook one ankle over his shoulder and go to work on her cream colored beaver with slow but sure precision. Then she once again finds herself on her belly as Martin pushes into her from behind and above. The position does everything Nancy leaves, bringing her to a climax that quivers down her spine as Martin ensues her down the rabbit fuck-hole. He pulls out and jacks himself those last few seconds to bring himself off all over his wife’s obese bottom.

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