Linger Longer – S29:E11 featuring Damon Dice and Lena Paul


Super-sexy in a red thong and hooter-sling, Lena Paul wakes up beside Damon Dice. The buxom ginger-haired would love to stay in sofa all day, but Damon needs to get going. He is completely clothed and putting on his boots by the time Lena realizes that he’s about to leave. Wrapping her arms around Damon’s shoulders and biting at his ear, Lena tempts her beefcake of a guy back to couch for a lil more loving.Popping her XXL breasts out of her hooter-sling, Lena arches back to present her mammories as a feast for Damon’s facehole. He tongues her puffies to firmness, step by step gliding his mitt lower until he is cupping the fever of Lena’s dream that radiates through her undergarments. Damon’s frigs know just how to stroke to stoke Lena’s desire to a warmth pitch.Now that Lena has exposed the vapid of Damon’s pecs, she eases him of his trousers and tugs at him until he joins her once again on the sofa. Naked, Damon’s erection stands proud and all for Lena to take hold of in her delicate knuckle. She uses her sot tongue and the super hot canal of her gullet to drive Damon wild, making sure he has no regrets about his decision to stay a while longer. As she concludes her oral delectation, Lena brings her orbs close enough to Damon’s fuckpole that she can rub the velvet steel of him against her fragile nips.Rolling onto her back, Lena pulls her thong up into her genitals. The combination of the strain from her undergarments and Damon’s tongue are positively exciting! Shoveling the scrap of fabric decorating Lena’s cootchie aside, Damon presses his thumb to her entrance until the digit sinks all the way into her thirsty skin. That sensitive welcome is all the invitation Damon needs to relive Lena of her undies totally so he can bury his swelling into the territory that has just been inspected by his damp thumb.Curling up behind Lena so that they are spooning together, Damon slips home once again as his lips tangle with his lover’s. The fresh stance makes it easy for Lena to reach down and caress her own clittie until her elation spews in her ripe bod. Her orgasm is a powerful one, leaving her with her mitts on her melons and her breath coming in lengthy, lusty squeals.A short fellatio assures that Damon remains firm and well-prepped as Lena comes down from her ejaculation, while Damon’s questing fingers help her excitement tip once again. Since Damon is already on his back with his manstick standing proud, it’s a ordinary decision for Lena to swing one gam over his waist and seat herself on his dildo. She moves her thighs with sinuous masturbates, bending forward so Damon can seize and squash her considerable bosom. Her final peek of paradise flips through her as she tosses her head back and rails the way.Curling up beside Damon, Lena goes back to work gargling and tugging to help bring Damon to the pinnacle of enjoyment that she has just enjoyed. Her touching arm brings him close, and as he reaches the end of his endurance Lena brings his stud rod between her hooters to cushion his penis and her mitt as she keeps tugging. Damon’s cum-shot adorns Lena’s torso and face in jizm, leaving her sated with her extra time in sofa.

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