Like What You Witness – S38:E24 featuring Romy Indy and Sam Bourne


Nice Romy Indy has decided to posture for fantastic movies with her beau, Sam Bourne. Sam just luvs recording his frisky gf in her crazy lingerie. As Romy flirts with both the camera and with Sam, she increases in size increasingly revved out. Reaching out a foot to rub against Sam’s stiffie, Romy confirms that she’s not alone in her arousal.On her back on the bed, Romy keeps up her mocking activity as Sam joins her. Sitting astride Romy’s gams, Sam puts himself in a pose of energy. He takes several more pictures, then puts the phone aside and leans in to grip Romy’s lips in a burning smooch. He takes hold of the smartphone again as Romy turns over to wiggle her backside for the camera. This time, when Sam sets the smartphone down to pay attention to Romy, he’s in it to win it. He spins her onto her back once again and slides her brassiere down. Hefting her hard bumpers in his hands, Sam movies out his tongue to taunt highly first one nipple and then the other to a rock hard apex. Then he smooches his way down Romy’s bod to settle inbetween her hips. Swiping his tongue over the fragrant fabric of Romy’s panties is just the warmup action before Sam tugs the cloth aside and dives in for a proper cunt celebrate.Romy isn’t about to let Sam have all the fun. She sits up and shoves Sam onto his back. Then she cums his hardon out of his trunks. Kneeling above Sam, Romy opens broad to take the tip of his prick into her facehole. She munches and deep throats to her heart’s content, using the velvet glove of her jaws to keep Sam at hard attention.Since she’s already in the brilliant pose to go for a stiffie rail, Romy takes full advantage. She shucks herself out of her thong and then slips down on Sam’s knob until she’s completely impaled. After she has indulged in a gspot rubdown by leaning back as Sam pistons in and out of her, Romy turns around for a bootie juggling rcg rail.Watching that rump gives Sam the urge to take Romy from behind. She’s glad to oblige! On her hands and knees, Romy rocks back to meet every one of Sam’s masturbates as he gives it to her in rear end. Then they both flip to their side so that Romy can lift one hip high in the air to open herself up totally as Sam gives it to her in a spooning boink.Rolling onto her back, Romy salutes Sam back inwards as he dives deep to give her the yam-sized O she’s been pursuing. Then she spins Sam over so she can resume her rail for both of their delight. Romy isn’t the only one to jizm in this pose. Sam loses manage with his red-hot girlfriend juggling away on his manmeat and gluts Romy’s sleek vagina with a ginormous fa creampie.

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