Kittle Struggle – S19:E6 featuring Christen Courtney and Kristof Cale


Christen Courtney and Kristof Cale are in a frisky mood, wrestling and kittling each other on the sofa. When things take a fantastic turn, Kristof seizes his cage phone camera and points it at Christen, who is happy to perform a peek-a-boo demonstrate as she unwraps out of her tee-shirt and short with Kristof filming.While Christen reviews the footage of her tight lithe figure, Kristof settles himself inbetween her legs and goes to work licking and lapping at her landing unwrap muff. Christen loves the feel of her beau’s tongue kneading her bud, and her screams of approval are loud and breathy when Kristof gets his frigs into the mix.Taking control of the situation, Christen climbs out from underneath Kristof’s antsy tongue and helps him out of his trousers. Once his hardon has sprung free, she uses her mitts and throat to love every inch of his stiffie. She just can’t get enough of eating her lover’s prick but Kristof has other plans. Flipping Christen onto her back, he parts her thighs and slides into her welcoming warmth.Kristof’s long tempting strokes in and out of Christen’s cunny get even deeper when she hoists her legs for a better angle. That new angle hammers all the right catches sight of, and briefly Christen is quivering and breathless as a orgasm rolls thru her. She’s not prepped to call it quits, though; when Kristof lays down on his back, Christen postures her lush booty above his beefstick and glides down until he’s submerged deep in her landing unclothe cooter. After several brief pushes, she heads to town juggling away to her heart’s content.Getting on her forearms and knees, Christen screams her approval as Kristof enters her from behind. She enjoys perceiving predominated as Kristof kisses and nipples at her back while shoving away and at the same time touching her clittie. Best of all, Kristof’s lengthy stiffie strikes her molten spot with every move so that her rapture is conclude inside and out.Now that Christen has had her fill of cumming, she’s all set to make sure that Kristof gets off, too. Lodging down so that his cock is at flawless dinky deepthroating height, Christen uses her sizzling wet mouth and wraps her tender lips around his chisel. She works him with her tongue and mitts, not stopping until Kristof has exploded all over her chest and abdomen in a salty sticky mess of enjoy.

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