Its Been A While – S39:E25 featuring Azazai and Murgur


Adorable Azazai has decked herself out in some astounding lingerie that hugs her forms while leaving just enough to the imagination. She concludes preening in front of the mirror as she waits for Murgur to join her. When she stags him approaching her guest room, Azazai hammers a posture in the balcony. Murgur is no hunch when it comes to climbing the stairs, and he is rewarded for his speed by the sight of his gf laying in couch with a do me grin and a finger beckoning him closer.As briefly as Murgur approaches the bed, Azazai shifts so that they are seated facing one another. She lets Murgur lift her soles and fumble them, peppering her delicate toes with kisses that lead to a bit of blowing. Then Azazai crawls up Murgur’s body so that she can spoil in a bit of dry porking that lets them enjoy each other before they truly commit to the hardcore lifestyle.When Azazai has gotten Murgur nice and stiff, she works his drill stick out of his pants. Then she leans forth, lapping her tongue along the dick. Once she’s had a taste, she can’t get enough of licking and deep throating. Not wanting to be left out, Murgur tugs Azazi around so that he can go to town licking out her greedy puss while she bends forth to finish their 69.Resuming her previous posture, Azazai ultimately goes from taunting to the real thing as she sinks down onto Murgur’s dildo. She gives him a sensual ride, gyrating her thighs for both of their pleasure as she leans forth to make out with him. When she turns around and guides Murgur back inside her velvet mitten, Azazai goes back to work at a caboose juggling rhythm.Now it’s Murgur’s turn to prove he’s worthy of Azazai’s attention as she gets on her forearms and knees and offers herself to him. He takes what she has to offer, slipping deep and gliding his hands over the swell of her booty. Using that anchor, he pushes deep to milk a series of ever louder groans from Azazai’s lips.Rolling onto her back, Azazai pulls her legs back to open herself downright for some more hard-core joy. Murgur gets on all fours inbetween Azazai’s hips and gives it to her exactly the way she wants, swift and raging, but mushy enough to ensure that she’s lovin’ herself with every moment. In comeback, Azazai gets Murgur on his back once again and heads to town deep-throating him until he gives her a mouthful of super-steamy jizz to enjoy at the end of their hump.

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