Instantaneous Appeal – S30:E15 featuring Nick Ross and Stacy Cruz


Nick Ross is a lucky guy to have Stacy Cruz in his home and helping him sign paperwork. The tall babe is instantaneously interested when she sets eyes on her client. She bends in close as he’s signing, making her intentions clear. Nick is no dork, so he accepts that smooch and then makes his move to unbuckle the slim and cool teenie so he can have his super-naughty way with her.Once Nick has revealed Stacy’s massive knockers, he forearms them in his steamy mitts and thumbs the nipples to firmness as he smooches his way down her neck. Ne makes a stop to deepthroat the pointed puffies, then urges Stacy back on the couch so he can stretch her hips and spoil himself in the musk of her landing unclothe cooter. Shortly his tongue and then his fingers are engaged eking sensual music from Stacy’s hatch.Two frigs sunk in her poon as she massages her own mounds is nice foreplay, but Stacy wants something more from her fresh lover. Blessed to oblige the willing coed in his hands, Nick picks Stacy up and relocates them to the room where she gets to take her first taste of Nick’s faux-cock. When she has had her fill, she straddles Nick’s thighs and then polishes her coochie against his hardon.Adjusting her hips so that Nick can inject her, Stacy proceeds the sensuous rhythm she has established. Her knockers shiver with every stroke, providing Nick a delectable showcase to compliment the astounding delectation of having a taut teen vagina riding his stiffie. When Stacy spins off and gets on her hands and knees so Nick can take her from behind, he doesn’t say no to the gift that she offers.Dropping to her belly on the sofa, Stacy laughs as Nick goes after her down. He rubs her rock hard ass with his large palms, packing his palms with the cheeks as he pulls them apart. When he has revealed Stacy’s ass-hole, he dives in once again with his jaws to give her a brand new pleasant delight that gets her motor running prompt and mad.Stacy finds herself on her side with Nick spooned behind her. Buried to the hilt in her landing de-robe slit, he keeps on shoving until Stacy’s gash is pulsating around his lollipop. Her orgasm jerks a matching orgasm from Nick, who gluts his newfound flame with what will surely be the first of many creampies.

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