Hold The Phone – S27:E17 featuring Maya Bijou and Tyler Nixon


Tyler Nixon has just gotten called in to work, but his gf Maya Bijou isn’t having any of it. Taking the phone away from Tyler, Maya sets the device aside and draws Tyler in for a kiss. He surrenders instantly, pulling up Maya’s skirt to reveal her bum. She takes advantage, turning around to give a lap dance with her thong-covered donk.The Latina hottie proceeds to flirt, leisurely loosening herself of her sundress and then crawling across the floor to her bf. Finding him ultra-cute and rock-hard, she pulls his fake penis from his trousers and takes her time investigating its length and girth. Her mushy forearms stroke while her pointy lips apply just the right amount of absorption as she words herself up to blowing Tyler’s hardon.Taking Tyler’s place on the bed, Maya lets her bf shovel her panty aside to sample the musk of her arousal. Her gentle sobs of delight are music to Tyler’s ears as he laps away at her tasty juice. Antsy for even more vibration, Maya guides Tyler’s mitt to her total sensitized funbag to put him just where she wants him. Finally Tyler slips Maya’s underwear down her long gams and rises to his soles. He glides his swelling up and down Maya’s greasy cooch before shoveling it deep inwards. Maya grips Tyler’s tie to hold him in place as he thrusts his hips to supply a pleasant rhythm that leaves them both panting. When Maya relinquishes her hold and instead rolls her legs back to truly open herself up for a deeper snatch tearing up, Tyler is happy to anchor himself with his forearms on Maya’s thighs and go to town on her hungry gash.Turning over so her knees are on the ground and her bod is pressed against the ottoman, Maya growns with enjoyment as Tyler’s big forearms grab her bottom and his immense fuck-stick slides home once again. The angle of intrusion only gets nicer when Maya spins her knees to the ottoman so that they are underneath her to raise her rump higher in the air. Tyler is a total man, keeping up his cooter boinking until Maya is wailing with elation.Sitting down on the bed, Tyler draws Maya on top of him so she can ride his dildo at the tempo that will get her off yet again. Maya is happy to oblige, lovin’ lengthy jerks that bring her off once again. Eventually satiated, Maya droplets to her knees and puts her smallish palm to work stroking at Tyler’s pecker until he rewards her with a facial of cum.

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