Group Fuck Fest – S14:E30 featuring Aaron Wilcoxxx,Natasha Starr and Scarlet Red


Natasha Starr and Scarlet Crimson are hanging out on the sofa seeing a bang-out tape that they made, which makes them understandably mischievous. Shortly the gauze is a forgotten bonus as the damsels start to make out with orgasmic intentions. Peeling Natasha’s undies off with her teeth, Scarlet reveals her lover’s prettily shaved beaver. Natasha soon goes after suit so that the chicks can indulge in some mutual onanism. While they are groping each other’s jiggly beans, they are joined by Aaron Wilcoxxx who is glad to play guy to 2 ultra-cute fillies. Lodging in for a coochie celebrate in Natasha’s white-hot cooch, Aaron heads to work with his magic tongue. Scarlet gets a labia gobbling, too, when she climbs onto Natasha’s face and postures her fuck-hole right above Natasha’s hatch.The 2 damsels aren’t about to let Aaron do all the work with his mouth. Changing things up, they lay him down on the sofa and take turns using their obese lips to wrap around his rock hard cock in a dual blow-job that gets him tighter than ever! Briefly he’s rigid as a rock and prepped to be Natasha’s personal drill plaything as she glides down onto his stiffie for a bouncing cowgirl ride.Not to feel left out, Scarlet climbs onto Aaron’s mouth to get her fuckbox laved by his endowed tongue. When it’s finally her turn with her man’s knob she gets down on her forearms and knees and raises her donk into the air to open herself up for a doggy-style beaver humping that leaves her wailing her rapture.Soon the women are alternating places on the bed, each of them raising their pointy booties in a noiseless demand to be poked as rock-hard and quick as Aaron wants. When they have each had the climax they need, they switch things up again so that Scarlet is on her back with Natasha’s dribbling slit in her jaws. Holding herself up on top of her lover, Natasha alternates between helping Aaron pulverize her mate’s cooter and giving him a dt to keep him hard.When Aaron has brought Scarlet off to a squealing orgasm, he sets out to give each of the damsels one more pulsating great time. Pressing his frigs deep into the tight heat of Natasha’s honeypot, he finger bangs her while humping away at Scarlet’s puss. As the gals shriek their approval, Aaron reaches the pinnacle of his delight so that he droplets all over Scarlet’s abdomen, leaving a sticky mess that Natasha anxiously laps up to share and snowball with Scarlet.

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