Glamour Cutie – S23:E15 featuring Morgan Rodriguez and Nick Ross


High high-heeled slippers and a sheer top are just the icing on Morgan Rodriguez’s lush body. With a fat smirk, the provocative redhead unclothes her top so that Nick can love the look of the red bra and g-string that hug her amazing forms. From there, she can’t wait another moment before pressing her lips to Nick’s and feeding at his willing hatch with lovin’ kisses.Nick does his hottest to linger patient with Morgan’s slow rhythm, allowing her to set the tone as she slides her hooter-sling off. Once he’s had a taste of her puffies, tho’, he can’t wait another moment. Gently easing Morgan back onto the sofa, Nick relieves her of her thong and stilettos so that he can sink his face in her mushy nude slit. The lengthy, slow laps of his tongue are just what Morgan needs to get bigger additional raw and pliant for her lover.Turning the tables on Nick, Morgan urges him to take a seat so that she can pull out his stiffie and go to work with her perky lip mouth. Slurping and sucking, she takes as much of Nick’s trouser snake as she can as she bj’s him in to oral. Backing off, she resumes to gobble at the head of his pinkish cigar, teasing him as she turns him on even more.Nick could jizz just seeing Morgan as she sucks him off, but he knows that Morgan wants something a tiny bit more gonzo. Helping her up onto her mitts and knees, he drives into her from behind to the chorus of her gasps of enlivenment. Morgan can’t get enough of her doggystyle cunny pulverizing that is so hasty and uncontrollable her smallish joy bags swing, especially as Nick grasps a handful of hair and holds on to those temporary reins as he ups the tempo even more.When Nick shifts Morgan onto her back, one sight into his eyes is practically all that Morgan needs to spew out in rapture. Her entire figure shivers as Nick continues to work her thirsty poon with long masturbates. Briefly Morgan is right back at the precipice of fantasy as she kneads her baps and lets Nick take her home once again.Morgan’s pulsating poon walls are more than Nick can handle. As his need overwhelms him, he frees of her jummy heat. Taking purpose, he faps himself off all over Morgan’s jugs and abdomen until he is downright replete. Morgan takes several moments to have fun with the evidence of Nick’s love, kneading her frigs in his jizz and opening up it everywhere as she comes down from their heated romp.

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