Get To Work – S15:E21 featuring Denis Reed and Serpente Edita


Serpente Edita sits with a glass of wine while Denis Reed does some intense lifting for her. When Denis has concluded his errands, Serpente seizes his t-shirt and pulls him close to prize him. She commences by extracting Denis’s hard-on so that she can munch and inhale the tip, and then dive in for a full-on blow-job.Pulling up her micro-skirt, Serpente unsheathes her delicate smoothly-shaven pussy that is already creamy with the anticipation of being plumbed. She doesn’t waste any time climbing onto Denis’s swelling so that she can slip down and give him a stiffie rail with slow shoves of her slim hips.Wishing to change things up, Serpente pulls Denis up by his t-shirt so that she can replace him on the coffee table. She gets on her hands and knees, which puts her cunny at a brilliant height for a doggystyle humping. Denis is blessed to glide home and love the opportunity to cram Serpente with his firm rapid wanks of his faux-cock.When Serptente turns onto her back and spreads her legs, Denis knows exactly what she needs. Submerging to his knees, he sinks is face in her sleek beaver so that he can put his tongue to work licking and sucking on Serpente’s sensitive fun button. Serpente’s bellows tell Denis everything he needs to know as he adds some poon finger-tickling to his action to shove her closer to orgasm.Replacing his thumbs with his man-meat, Denis sets off on a mission to make his lover spunk. Serpente is blessed to help, massaging her own bean while Denis porks her until she is gasping her orgasmic elation! Moments afterward, Denis extracts and frosts Serpente’s plane belly and nude mound with this jizz to complete their lovemaking with a drill.

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