Garden Of Love – S2:E14 featuring Boxer and Lien


Dressed in a ordinary milky dress and a bright rosy flower in her velvety brown hair, Lien entices her paramour Boxer underneath the moonlight. She embarks with a smooch that sizzles the blanket underneath them before Boxer takes control, laying Lien down and smooching his way down her bod to her pretty pinkish vulva where he suckles at her tender enjoyment button until she shoots a explosion with a wail. Smirking as the gusto from her ejaculation leisurely dissipates, Lien presses Boxer to the blanket for his share of individual attention. Holding his meaty manhood stable with her lil forearms, she devours him with her sizzling willing lips and her talented tongue. Never cracking eye contact during her awesome gargle job, she summons Boxer to hold on to his manage until she’s done worshiping his fuck-stick. When Boxer eventually reaches the point of no come back, Lien slides her saluting labia down atop his pulsing member, taking all of him in. The paramours come together in a frantic coupling that leads to another unbelievable ejaculation for Lien before Boxer unleashes and lets Lien deep-throat him to completion.

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