Games She Plays – S31:E16 featuring Lady D,Nick Ross and Tina Kay


Damsel D. leads Nick Ross into the guest room blindfolded. Lady D. is prepped to rock and flip, decked out in fantastic sheer undergarments that hugs her delicate curves. When she blows a fountain Nick’s stiffie out to begin gargling, Nick bends back and relaxes into the sensuous blessing. Thanks to his blindfold, he does not witness Tina Kay inject the room when she is gesticulated forth by Chick D.Tina joins Damsel in working Nick’s hardon so the femmes take turns. When he eventually peels off his blindfold and realizes that he has double the cuties working for his delight, he can’t contain his excitement or his horniness! Now that the jig is up, Woman D. joins Tina for a dual ORAL JOB. Then she leans Nick rearwards so that Tina can proceed to deep-throat him while Doll D. rides his face.The trio readjusts themselves so that Girl D. is on her back with Tina railing on top of her, bent over into a lezzie Sixty nine. From behind, Nick is able to touch Tina’s rectum with his jaws as Gal D. works her clittie with her magical tongue. Finally Nick heads for the full gusto as he gets to his soles and thrusts his faux-cock into Tina’s gash as Doll continues to grope her enjoy button from below.Lady D. resumes to lay on her back as Tina climbs off to stance her newly-satisfied fuck-hole over Damsel D.’s face. Meantime, Nick keeps on playing dude as he packs Nymph D. to the edge with rod. Damsel D. can’t contain her excitement, and finally Tina gives in to doing anything in her intensity to assure that Chick D. is liking herself as much as possible. She even bends forth to lavish the head of Nick’s bulge with attention to guarantee he stays rock-hard and ready.Spooning with Tina is Nick’s next order of business. Lady D. isn’t left out in the cold, as Tina sidles up inbetween her girlfriend’s hips and continues her thorough exploration of Nymph D’s howling folds. With her hands and throat, Tina ensures that Damsel D. senses the motion of the ocean as Nick plows Tina in time with Tina’s magical tongue.With one last hurrah remaining in all trio of them, the girls toss Nick onto the couch on his back. From that position, Woman D. climbs aboard for a stiffie rail in her thirsty coochie while Tina takes another turn getting her vag feasted upon. It’s only a matter of time before both girls are ultimately satisfied, whereupon they cuddle together beside Nick and resume their dual FELLATIO until he satiates them both with a jism shot that hammers Lady D. right in the face and leaves fairly a dirt for both dolls to gobble clean and snowball with a smooch.

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